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Travel & Accommodation Guide to Europe - Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts - Holiday Rentals

Choose your ideal accommodation throughout Europe, including bed & breakfasts, holiday rental villas, apartments & hotels. 

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The Paradores of Spain ... often situated in historic buildings - such as former Palaces, Castles, Monasteries, Convents, Hospitals and other converted buildings, and also in more modern buildings.  All offer the same high quality and comfortable accommodation - and also delightful local cuisine.  Imagine spending the night in a castle, or enjoying breakfast in the cloister or courtyard of a monastery.  Sit down to a delicious traditional meal in the dining room of a Palace!  Enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool whilst gazing at wonderful surrounding landscapes. It's all possible, and at very affordable prices too.
Choose your ideal destination from the links above and read interesting travel guides prior to your holidays including our popular travel blog.
Latest additions to our travel blog:

Luxury Family Vacation in ItalyHow To Plan Your Perfect Luxury Family Vacation In Italy
Vacations are important. It’s a chance to rest and recuperate, to recover from the stresses of everyday life. If chosen carefully, a vacation can also be a great opportunity to bond as a family.
Of course, the first issue is always going to be deciding where to go. If you want somewhere that has something for everyone then Italy becomes the obvious destination... read more

What is the best time to visit Saas-Fee in SwitzerlandBest Time to Visit Saas Fee in Switzerland
Known as ‘The Pearl of the Alps,’ skiing Mecca Saas-Fee is famous for its towering peaks and some of the best pistes in Europe. When the snow and ice melts, the landscapes of Saas-Fee are transformed and offer a different experience. In fact, the village is surrounded by almost 220 mi (350 km) of walking paths and themed trails…read more
Reduce your carbon footprint on a coach holiday in the UKExplore Historic England On Coach Holidays While Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
With climate change and the cost of petrol, we all need to do our bit for the environment. One way to do so is to experience affordable coach holidays in England. Here, readers can see some of the great locations available on a coach holiday in England or Wales... read more

Best destinations for a minimoon Best Destinations For A Romantic & Luxurious Minimoon
Many couples have little free time when getting married and while they would love a longer honeymoon, some are opting for a luxurious minimoon instead. A minimoon is described as a short, but luxurious version of a honeymoon for those couples with little time to spare... read more

Plan The Most Luxurious 18th Birthday Party Ever Plan The Most Luxurious 18th Birthday Party Ever
Turning 18 is a major milestone in any teenager’s life, so why not plan the biggest, best and most luxurious 18th birthday party ever. Venues can include a historic manor house, luxury marquee in the garden or a pop-up nightclub…read more
Family holiday in Lisbon, PortugalFamily Holiday Guide For The Lisbon Coast Of Portugal
Lisbon in Portugal is a great destination for family holidays and offers a varied selection of attractions and activities for children of all ages. Here, they can visit the Lisbon Zoo and Oceanarium, while the pretty towns on the coast are also worth visiting...read more.
Visit Antiparos in GreeceBest Things To Do In Beautiful Antiparos, Greece
Antiparos is a lesser-known neighbor of Paros in the beautiful Cyclades of Greece and is just a short ferry ride away. The island doesn't have the tourist infrastructure of its brother island, but is traditional and perfect for those looking for peace and quiet. Here, you can enjoy beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and many attractions…read more

Honeymoon in Santorini10 Best Ways To Spend Your Honeymoon in Santorini
With its whitewashed villages, dramatic coastline, blue-domed churches and more, Santorini is the ideal location in Greece for honeymooners. Read on to find out the best things to do on your romantic honeymoon in Santorini, Greece …read more

Viking film set in Iceland5 Family-Friendly Locations To Visit In Iceland
Iceland is a stark and beautiful country to visit, but also has wonderful attractions to keep the kids happy. These include a whale museum, loads of puffins, a Viking village film set, a sea monster museum and for the teens, the Icelandic Punk Museum... read more

Spend Christmas and New Year's Eve in Italy5 Best Cities To Spend Christmas In Italy
It’s time to start thinking about the holidays and what more beautiful destination is there to spend Christmas than Italy? Let’s take a brief look at five locations in Italy, perfect for the festive season, including Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples and Venice... read more

Enjoy a coach holidayEnjoy the ultimate break on a relaxing coach holiday
If you are looking for the ultimate in relaxing travel at a much more affordable price, you can’t go wrong with coach holidays. Instead of loading the luggage and kids in your own car, while listening to the endless “are we there yet?” along the way, sit back and relax in a comfy seat on a coach, letting someone else do the driving for you... read more
Enjoy an adventure holiday in ScotlandHave a true adventure in Bonnie Scotland
Anyone with a need for adventure can find what they want in Scotland. Whether exploring the national parks, climbing looming mountains or kayaking the rivers and lochs, there is plenty to enjoy. Here we take a brief look at some of the best destinations for an adventure holiday in Scotland... read more
Four unusual holidays in ItalyLooking For Something Different? Try These 4 Unusual Holidays in Italy
For something different on your next Italian holiday, we have picked four less usual holiday suggestions to enjoy. Let’s look into trekking through Sardinia on a donkey, experiencing the Italian leg of the famous Grand Prix and taking a history tour of beautiful Sicily. Alternatively, head up to the Italian Alps for a walking and cooking tour... read more
Magical locations in GreeceVisit these magical locations in Greece
On a visit to Greece, many locations stand out, including the Parthenon and Acropolis in Athens, but if you have seen all the well-known sights, Greece also has some magical places that must be visited. Here we briefly explore just three of these unique attractions, including the Oracle of Delphi, Antikythera Mechanism and Tourlitis Lighthouse... read more
Popular European destinations for Americans4 Most Popular European Destinations For American Travelers
Europe has become a popular choice for US travelers for its many beautiful, cultural and historic locations. However, for any US traveler, visiting Europe for the first time, let’s look at the most popular destinations for Americans and the best way to get there. ... read more.
Listed buildings of EnglandVisit 5 of the beautiful listed buildings of England
England is a country of history, beauty and culture and some of the best of the country’s past can be seen in the beautiful and well-preserved listed buildings of the country. Dotted all over England, these remarkable buildings often stand in impeccably manicured gardens and parks, making them a truly beautiful experience to visit... read more.
Experience the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in NorwayTake in Norway: One of the most beautiful countries in the world
Norway is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. This Nordic country offers the stunning fjords, a remarkable coastline, mountainous scenery and icy glaciers. The following outlines the magic of Norway, a tempting place to visit and experience both now and many times in the future... read more.
Visit the unique side of BulgariaExplore the unique side of fascinating Bulgaria
With its Black Sea coastline, mountainous scenery and rivers, Bulgaria is a cultural melting pot just waiting to be discovered. Here, we explore just some of the unique attractions of this Balkan nation, including the rainbow shades of the Snail House, Chudnite Skali (Wonderful Rocks) and the stunning Ascension Cathedral. ... read more.
Locations for book lovers in Paris, France3 Best Locations For Book Lovers in Paris, France
Paris is known as the City of Light and is famous for its many monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe and more. The city hosts many excellent museums and art galleries, such as the iconic Louvre. Take a trip to Paris and spend time exploring the National Library of France, Shakespeare and Company and the counter-culture Un Regard Moderne Bookstore... read more.
The Mouth of Truth in Rome, Italy3 Unique Places To Explore In Rome In 2022
The Italian city of Rome is the result of some 3,000 years of ad hoc urban development, where ancient icons such as the Colosseum, Pantheon and Roman Forum draw the eye. Rome is also home pretty piazzas and fancy fountains decorating the city’s streets. For those readers who have been there and done that, here are three unique locations for your next visit to Rome... read more.
Visit Kefalonia, GreeceTake a tour of stunning Kefalonia in Greece
Magical Kefalonia (also known as Cephalonia) is the largest of the Ionian Islands. Here, visitors can relax on the beaches in the pretty coves, overlooking crystal-clear waters teeming with colourful fish. Kefalonia also offers some fascinating geological wonders to explore, including a beguiling lake and a truly spectacular cave in Sami... read more.

Colourful attractions in Paris, France3 Colourful Places To Visit In Beautiful Paris
The city of Paris in France is renowned for its amazing monuments, including the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, as well as the glamorous avenue des Champs-Élysées and the Notre Dame Cathedral. However, the city also has a number of off-the-beaten track locations that are definitely worth a visit, especially if you like a little colour in your life... read more.

Visit Slovenia3 Beautiful and Unique Spots To Visit In Slovenia
Slovenia is a beautiful, natural paradise, including its soaring mountains, its stunning coastline and its beautiful rivers. Its unique climate means warm Mediterranean breezes on the coastline, with snow-capped peaks, even in the summer and these three, unique locations are a must. ... read more.
Visit Edinburgh, ScotlandExplore beautiful and historic Edinburgh this summer
Edinburgh is a stunningly beautiful city, spread over a series of rocky hills and overlooking the sea. Considered one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, here the buildings and monuments sit perched on rocky crags overlooking the view. We have picked out three of the best highlights of this great Scottish city... read more.
Akrotiri, Greece3 Unique Attractions In Fascinating Greece
Greece is renowned for its majestic ancient ruins, standing tall against clear blue skies, while the balmy Aegean laps a beautiful coastline and the country’s magical islands. This European country is also alive with music and delicious cuisine. There is also a more unusual side to Greece with several unique attractions to explore. Here we look at three..... read more.
Over the Edge swing at A'Dam Toren3 Unique Attractions in Amsterdam Besides The Red Light District
In the past, many travelers visited Amsterdam in the Netherlands for the "wrong" reason. The city’s cannabis culture, plus the fascinating Red Light District were top of their itinerary. Meanwhile, Amsterdam has many more fascinating locations to visit, including its museums, art galleries and so much more. The following are three unique locations to visit in Amsterdam on your next visit.... read more.
Bridgerton filming locations in BathVisit the filming locations of Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’
The period drama “Bridgerton” was released by Netflix on Christmas Day, 2020, and received an amazing viewership of 63 million households since its release. Besides the beautiful costumes and the talented actors, viewers took notice of the filming location. The beautiful city of Bath in England was used as the set, which is full of Roman and Georgian architecture... read more.
Visit Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain4 Reasons For An Island Holiday In Mallorca in Spain’s Balearic Islands
The Balearic Islands of Spain are a popular destination with several choices. While Ibiza is a renowned party island, its more traditional sister Mallorca offers gorgeous beaches, stunning mountain landscapes and quaint, traditional hill towns to explore. Let’s have a look at what this lovely island has to offer...read more.
Flight cancellationsTry stunning Albania for your next holiday destination
Albania has tentatively opened its doors to international tourists. The first tourists to arrive here found it a fascinating, unspoiled destination, with its ancient Greek and Roman ruins, crumbling castles, beautiful landscapes and pristine Ionian Sea beaches to rival any Mediterranean location. read more
Flight cancellationsTraveller advice: How to handle the problems of cancelled flights and lost luggage
International travel is a true adventure. Travelling to foreign lands lets you experience new cultures, different tastes and more. Sometimes travel can even be weather related, with the British heading to sunny Spain while Americans head down to equally sunny Mexico. But sometimes things go wrong. How do we handle these situations as they happen? read more
Fairy Tale Museum, Nicosia, Cyprus3 Weird And Wonderful Locations You Must Visit in Cyprus
The Mediterranean destination offers gorgeous beaches, beautiful mountains and meadows. Meanwhile, Cyprus is also steeped in myth and history, with evidence of its Neolithic, Bronze Age, Phoenician and Roman past. However, besides the admittedly fascinating historic attractions, Cyprus also has an unusual side, which can be seen from the weird and wonderful attractions. read more
Visit Malaga on the Costa del Sol, SpainMálaga on the Costa del Sol: More than just an airport
Visitors to the Costa del Sol in southern Spain normally arrive at the Málaga–Costa del Sol Airport. From there, they collect their rental car, jump in a taxi or climb on a bus to their holiday destination. Few choose to spend some time in the capital of the Costa del Sol, but Málaga is a destination in itself... read more
Visit Bulgaria3 unique experiences for a holiday in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is an up-and-coming holiday destination, offering beautiful scenery, fascinating cities and villages and many popular attractions. The country also has its unique side, with a number of intriguing locations to visit, three of which are listed here... read more
Visit Dubrovnik in CroatiaTake full advantage of your visit to Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik nestles on the coastline of southern Croatia, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. There are many attractions in this historic city, including the 16th-century Old Town, with its city walls. Museums, art galleries, restaurants and shops abound, so how do you make your choice of what to see in a limited time? ... read more
Visit Corfu in GreeceUnusual attractions for an island holiday in Corfu, Greece
Corfu nestles in the Ionian Sea off the northwest coast of Greece. The island is known for its rugged mountains and is surrounded by oceanfront resort towns. Corfu is justifiably famous for is souvlaki and ouzo and is among the most green and lush of the Greek islands... read more
Visit GreeceVisit the less-travelled beaches of Greece
When it comes to beach holidays, Greece is the word, and this isn’t just a bad pun on the John Travolta movie! Many beaches are well known and tend to be crowded. Let’s go a little off the normal beaten beach path and find some more secluded beaches where you can occasionally have the sand all to yourself and often have a shipwreck to marvel at... read more
Unusual family holidays3 ideas for an unusual family holiday this year
You are planning a family holiday again, but want to do something different. You want to try something that will allow the kids to have a wonderful time, while being equally enjoyable and rewarding for you as parents. As the kids are getting older, new opportunities crop up, besides heading to the nearest beach. The following are three to try out... read more
Visit Zagreb, CroatiaAn enjoyable visit to Zagreb, capital of Croatia
Croatia is becoming a popular travel destination, with plenty of history, beaches, culture and things to do. Here we briefly visit Zagreb, the capital of Croatia... read more
Visit Moscow3 whimsical and artistic places to visit in Moscow, Russia
Moscow in Russia is a sprawling, historic and fascinating city, with its colourful buildings and monuments. While many remind of the more daunting and authoritarian side of the city’s past, there are also some charming and almost whimsical sights to see... read more
Visit Formentera in the Balearic Islands of Spain3 reasons to visit Formentera in the Balearic Islands of Spain
Formentera is Mallorca and Ibiza’s little sister and is the smallest of the Balearic Islands of Spain. Set out in the Mediterranean Sea, Formentera can easily be reached by ferry. The island is less crowded and quieter than Ibiza and is often used as a day-trip destination, due to its beautiful clear waters and stretches of clean, sandy beach, backed by pine trees and dunes... read more
Paragliding in Morzine in the French Alps10 fun activities in Morzine in the French Alps
Morzine was originally a rural market town in the French Alps, consisting of a number of small villages where residents lived off the land. Things have changed, as nowadays, Morzine is a popular ski resort, close to the Swiss border... read more

Visit Split, Dubrovnik and Zagreb in Croatia3 top cities to visit in Croatia in 2019
Croatia is an up-and-coming holiday destination which is gaining in popularity. The following are three top cities in Croatia - Split, Dubrovnik and Zagreb - to visit this year, along with a taste of what to expect from each... read more

Luxury Santorini Villa Demeter Cave House with private jacuzzi

Interesting places to visit in Croatia3 fascinating places to visit in Croatia this year
Croatia is an exciting holiday destination with much to offer visitors, from the gorgeous, sandy beaches to the exciting cities, with their culture and history. There are many unique attractions to explore including a filming location for the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, turquoise, interlinked lakes and waterfalls and a castle with fairy legends... read more
Narrowboat holidays in the UKExperience canal boat holidays in Great Britain
With over 2,000 miles of inland waterways in the UK, the choice for a canal boat holiday is almost endless. Enjoying a relaxed pace, while passing beautiful scenery and historic towns on the canals is one of the best ways to travel. The only major exercise is operating the canal locks and swing bridges – the rest of the time, sit back and relax on deck, while journeying to interesting and historic spots along the way... read more
The Cotswolds of EnglandExperience England for your next summer holiday
These days, people tend to holiday abroad, heading off to the Costa del Sol in Spain, the Greek islands or southern France. However, holidaying at home can be just as rewarding, as England has many attractive destinations to explore at a more cost-effective price... read more
Visit Gothenburg, SwedenVisit Sweden in luxury and style
Sweden is an incredibly beautiful country, offering vast boreal forests, inland lakes, thousands of coastal islands and stark, glaciated mountains. One of the great things about Sweden is that virtually everyone you meet can speak English, making a holiday there that much easier... read more
Highgate Cemetery, London3 Unusual Sights You Should See In London
If you have already done the usual sights, like Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and Madame Tussauds, why not explore some of the more unusual attractions in London? The following are three unusual destinations for a unique visit to England’s capital... read more
Biarritz, FranceBiarritz itinerary: What you should see and do in this former royal resort
Biarritz is a posh seaside town, nestled on the southwestern Basque coast of France. It started out as a fishing village and was later known as a popular resort for European royalty in the 1800s... read more
Motorcycle adventures in ItalyMotorcycle adventures in Europe: Tuscany and Umbria, Italy
Tuscany and Umbria offer a dazzling array of beautiful landscapes, quaint cities and loads of history. One of the best ways to see the sights of this beautiful area of Italy is by motorcycle. These are regions with beautiful, green rolling hills, twisting mountainous passes, magnificent villas, olive plantations and historic cities with beautiful churches and monasteries... read more
Working abroad5 Jobs You Can Do As A Couple While Travelling
They say a change is as good as a holiday, so why not travel, while making a living along the way? If you are travelling with your partner, there are several jobs you can do together, while enjoying time away from your home base... read more
Sicily, Italy3 Unusual Sights To See In Sicily This Summer
While the island is part of Italy, Sicily has an atmosphere, cuisine and traditions all of its own. Besides having incredible scenery, beautiful beaches and delicious food, Sicily has some unusual and occasional weird visitor attractions to explore during a stay on the island...read more
Winter adventures in the French Alps3 New Activities To Try In The French Alps This Winter
Why not head up to the French Alps this winter to enjoy exciting and fun winter activities and a brand new adventure? Read up on husky dog sledding, ice climbing and winter paragliding in the Alps... read more
Study abroad in English4 Of The Best Places To Study In Europe In English
There is nothing quite like travelling overseas to broaden the mind and studying in a foreign country is a rewarding experience indeed. There are many universities offering education to foreign students and many allow these students to study in English... read more
MarbellaHoliday in style in Marbella
When looking for a quality destination, Marbella is an excellent choice. Well known by royals, celebrities and the ultra-rich, the city has plenty of charm... read more
Florence, Tuscany, ItalyThe art and architecture of beautiful Tuscany in Italy
Renowned for its unique cities and beautiful natural landscape, Tuscany offers the best in Renaissance art and architecture, mountainous scenery, rolling hills, beaches, olive groves and vineyards. Each city is unique offering delicious cuisine and remarkable architecture, as well as its own individual culture.... read more
Family holidays in Albufeira on the sunny Algarve coast in Portugal
With its 120 km of gorgeous coastline and warm and sunny weather, the Algarve is the perfect destination for a family holiday. All along the coastline, with its stunning beaches and scenic rock formations, several resort towns offer everything the family could need in the way of fun in the sun for both parents and kids... read more
Gothenburg, SwedenTake a trip to Sweden in the New Year
For a change from the beaches of Spain or Portugal, why not visit Sweden this year. Traditionally, tourists in Sweden have come from the neighbouring countries of Denmark, Norway and Finland. However, in recent times, Sweden has become a much more popular destination with tourists from other parts of Europe; especially Britain and Germany, as well as from countries outside the continent... read more
Cave hotel in Matera, ItalyFrom troglodyte home to luxury cave – the rebirth of Matera, Italy
The landscape of Matera, a small town in Basilicata, southern Italy, could easily be mistaken for the Holy Land, with its ancient buildings hanging on to the hillside. What was once the slum area of town has now been transformed into a magical place ... read more
OmanVisit fascinating Oman: upcoming tourist destination in the Middle East
Oman has much to offer with its glorious mountainous scenery, golden beaches and historic cities, perfect for a holiday in Oman, but there are also some more unusual locations, which while not so easy to access, offer a fascinating insight into the country... read more
France theme parksFamily holidays: Enjoy four of the best theme parks in France
A visit to France offers delicious cuisine and great wines, along with beautiful scenery, history and gorgeous beaches. However, when taking the family on a French holiday, it is good to explore the various theme parks all over the country, ensuring fun for the whole family... read more
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