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3 New Activities To Try In The French Alps This Winter

French Alps
When winter hits the northern hemisphere, many people complain about the cold weather. However, there is more to winter that just icy temperatures and huddling around a blazing fireplace. Why not head up to the French Alps to enjoy exciting and fun winter activities and a brand new adventure?

While many people have tried skiing, according to Undiscovered Mountains, there are other snow-related sports that are equally challenging or easy to do. The following is an introduction into just some of these winter activities.

1. Husky Dog Sledding in the French Alps

Husky dog sledding isnít just for those heading to the furthest poles on Earth. This fun sport can be enjoyed in the French Alps too.
The history of dog sledding dates back to a time when people wanted a way to easily traverse the snowy landscapes of northern America and Europe. The solution they came up with was to cross their domestic dogs with wild wolves in those regions to breed the perfect dog. These days the husky is still around 1/8th wolf to ensure endurance and stamina to pull the sled. Nowadays sleds are made of strong, lightweight alloys and plastics, easy for huskies to pull.
Husky dog sledding
While husky dog sledding around the Chamonix Valley, visitors can either ride in a sled to enjoy the experience, or even learn how to ďmushĒ a team of 3 to 4 dogs. While dog sledding isnít exactly fast and is only a little faster than a walking pace, the experience of interacting with such affectionate and beautiful animals is a wonderful experience.

2. Ice Climbing In The French Alps

For those a little more daring, ice climbing is a great experience in the French Alps and itís not just for the experts. With a variety of grades to try depending on your skills, including ridges, frozen waterfalls and gullies, anyone from a complete novice at the sport to experts can find something suitable.
Ice climbing in the French Alps
While it can be a little daunting hanging from your ice axe on a frozen waterfall, 20 metres above ground, getting the hang of the sport and managing to climb to the top is a wonderful reward. Once there, relax those tired muscles and breathe in the incredible Alpine scenery that surrounds you.

3. Winter Paragliding In The French Alps

Paragliding is a sport that can be enjoyed all year around in the French Alps. Gliding through the amazing scenery is perfect both in summer and in winter. For those that are new to the sport, tandem paragliding with an experienced pilot in a seated harness is the perfect way to experience the view. While in summer, youíll land in green pastures, in winter you will land in the snow after an amazing flight.
Winter paragliding in the French Alps
Other winter activities in the French Alps include skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, igloo building and so much more. Make a change this winter and head to the mountains for a snow experience of a lifetime.


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