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Tuscany: The Most Beautiful Region in Italy   by Natalie Aranda

Visit Italy - Tuscany Hotel Accommodation

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Tuscany is a region in Italy located in the central part of the country along the western coast. The capital of the region is Florence. Tuscany has a long and well deserved reputation as the most beautiful location in all of Italy. This beauty is both man made and natural. The region was the center of the Italian Renaissance. The Renaissance produced some of the greatest art in the history of the World, and much of it can still be found in the museums and galleries of Florence. Pisa, famous for its leaning tower, is also located in the area.

It is the country side that represents the natural beauty. Villas in Tuscany dot the tranquil landscape where travelers are transported to a timeless era, and can enjoy the slow paced life and the scenic landscape. It is like a trip in a time machine. The slow paced life and the colorful landscape invoke the time of Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Tuscany villa rentals are a big business here as Tuscany is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy and even in Europe. It is the combination of the old and the new, the classic and the modern that give Tuscany its charm and attraction. Tuscany has its own unique style. There is Tuscan cooking for example. It is Italian, of course, but has its own special taste as do some of the famous wines made from the grapes that grow in Tuscany's sun drenched vineyards.

If your vacation plans include Italy, you are going to want to plan to spend sometime in Tuscany. It would take a lifetime to fully explore the art treasures of Florence alone so you are going to want to stay awhile. Renting Tuscany villas has long been the right way to fully adsorb the culture of the region. It is something that you need to discuss with your travel agent. Florence is one of Italy's largest cities and is the gateway to Tuscany. It is serviced by an International Airport, so you can easily begin your vacation here. However you chose to arrive in Tuscany, there is no doubt that you will leave a little piece of your heart here when you leave. It has enchanted visitors and inspired artists for centuries and you are certain to leave behind a little piece of your heart.


Visit Italy - Tuscany Hotel Accommodation

About the Author - Natalie aranda writes about travel and http://www.travelexperience.info/Travel+Planning-1/

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