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Portugal Travel Guide
Why not holiday in Portugal this year
Nestled on the Iberian Peninsula, just to the left of Spain, is one of the best European holiday destinations.  Sunny Portugal has plenty to offer to the tourist looking for a sunny beach holiday in the sun-baked Algarve, a more relaxed country break inland, or an island experience in Madeira or the stunning Azores Islands...
Algarve Beaches - Letís Take a Look of Them
There are many kind of attraction in Algarve, but most people come to Algarve for its beaches. Though there are not enough words to describe the beauty of them, here is some of best beaches in Algarve....
Golfing in Lagos    by Seb Jay
Two of the most popular and ideally located golf courses in Lagos are the Palmares, a par 71 Course known for its imaginative design and impeccable standards; and the Boavista, again a par 71, with spectacular views of the bay of Lagos and the Monchique hills...
Portugal: Lisbon - The Fascinating City
Lisbon has a great atmosphere! The people are wonderful and the lifestyle is very laid back. There is so much to see here you will never get bored....
Travel Portugal: A Land True To Its Past   by Frank Johnson
Perched on the western edge of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal stands out among its neighbors as one of the oldest and yet most traditional and conservative European civilizations...
Romania Travel Guide
Romania - A Short Guide For Holidaymakers   by Jimi St Pierre
Romania is a country of great variety, history and culture - probably the most beautiful and interesting of the Eastern European states. It is a country which is friendly to visitors, welcoming and beautiful - in many ways, a land that time forgot....
Russia Travel Guide
10 Things To Know About Russia   by Richard Monk
Russia is an immensely huge and diverse country. Following are 10 things you should know about this immense country...
How To Enjoy Your First Visit To Moscow, Russia   by Casey Adams
Taking your first trip to Moscow, Russia is in many respects like going to any other world capital. Before leaving your point of origin, you must be certain you have a visa. The simplest visa to get is a tourist visa....


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