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3 Great Lake Holiday Destinations
Seefeld, Tirol is a charming place for a summer visit for anyone attracted to outdoor activities such as hiking, walking tours, swimming and cycling. The Hotel Seefelderhof offers a homelike atmosphere with amenities to make a holiday relaxing and easy. It is family friendly with a games room and early meals available with a children’s menu....
Christmas is coming - Time to take a river cruise, the unique way to buy gifts
The years go by so quickly.  It always seems that Christmas is creeping up on us yet again.  What to buy for Uncle Joe, how on earth to find something suitable for good old Dad. This year, why not take a unique river cruise from Amsterdam all the way to Budapest... 
Best scenic destinations in the United Kingdom
The United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, has much to offer to the traveler.  From the south of England up to the highlands of Scotland and everywhere in between, a myriad of locations attract visitors, whether local or from foreign lands... 
A Risk Not Worth Taking
Whether or not the ‘credit crunch’ is loosening its grip on your financial situation there are still a number on things that we shouldn’t skip the cost on. You may be the type of person who passes on the few extra pounds a month charged for something like phone insurance or gadget insurance, but when it comes to holiday insurance that is a risk certainly not worth taking.... 
A river cruise in Europe is a great choice
With spring arriving and summer well on the way in Europe, what could be a better time than to plan your 2013 holidays.  And what better way to enjoy them than on a relaxing river cruise?  Sit back, glass in hand, and watch the passing parade of wonderful scenery from a comfortable seat on the deck....
Car Hire in Europe  by David Collins
With such a wide variety of destinations to choose from, Europe is a prime location for those looking to embark on holidays, including taking road trips over vast areas of natural beauty, stopping over in historic capital cities such as Paris, Rome and Amsterdam along the way....
Interesting Tidbits About Europe   by Richard Monk
Playing such a large part in the history of mankind, detailing key aspects of Europe is large task indeed. Nonetheless, here we go....
Travel To Eastern Europe: See Life Bursting At The Seams   by Frank Johnson
Eastern Europe today is an understated treasure-trove of sites, sounds and history. The exuberance for life in the post-Communist era has found expression in a proliferation of music and arts festivals, celebrations of national identity and history, and an eagerly welcoming attitude toward foreigners...


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