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Andorra Travel Guide
Apres-Ski  by Roger Munns
European tax haven Andorra enjoys the same fiscal benefits as better known Monaco, adding to property demand from those looking for residency in a tax shelter as well as traditional ski chalet buyers who flock to the country between December and April each year.  With the end of the ski season last month many ski resorts in Europe have closed up shop until early December with overseas property owners having little prospect of rental income in the summer months...
Laxing Andorra   by Ryan Fyfe
Andorra, The Principality of Andorra is a very small, landlocked principality in south-western Europe. It is located in the Pyrenees mountains, bordered by France and Spain, and is a very interesting country to travel to....
The beautiful Andorra la Vella   by Jakob Jelling
Andorra la Vella is a very attractive destination situated in the east side of the Pyrenees, next to Spain and France. This city is the capital of what is known as the Principality of Andorra and counts with a very peculiar and diverse population since about 45% of its inhabitants are Spanish, 11% are Portuguese, 33% are Andorra, and 7% are French....
Austria Travel Guide
An Overview of Austria for Travelers   by Richard Monk
Although Austria is rarely in the headlines these days, it was once part of a dominant European power. Following is an overview of this postcard country....
Austria Off The Beaten Path - Zell am See, Innsbruck and Bad Gastein   by Rick Chapo
Mention Austria and everyone thinks of Vienna and Salzburg. In addition to great names, Zell am See, Innsbruck and Bad Gastein are great locations off the beaten path....
Austria - This Time Try Something Different   by Shari Hearn
So you've planned your trip to Austria. You're going to visit all the popular Austrian sites: Vienna (no doubt to tour the Sigmund Freud Museum), Innsbruck and Salzburg. And you'll have a fabulous time...
Innsbruck - Heart of the Mountainous Tirol Region in Austria   by Felicity Walker
Innsbruck, located in the centre of the Tirol region in Austria, is a mountain lover's paradise. The Tirol region is surrounded by huge mountain ranges in three directions, and whether you love winter sports or summer hiking, you're sure to be satisfied with the choices available...
The Imperial Age Is Alive When You Travel To Vienna   by Frank Johnson
There is no city that encompasses Western European sophistication and Eastern European culture and charm quite like Vienna, Austria. Baroque edifices enchant the pristinely kempt boulevards while sleek restaurants are packed with networking business suits...
Salzburg - A Handful Of History, Mixed Up With Music And A Pinch Of Salt   by Markusde Nooier
You are probably aware that Salzburg was the birthplace of Mozart. You may also know that it was the location for many of the scenes of the film, The Sound of Music. You may not know that its existence as a wealthy Austrian city is based on the rich deposits of salt that have been mined nearby over countless centuries...
Travel To Austria - Your Year-Round Travel Destination   by Frank Johnson
So you want to travel to Austria. Well, you've made a wise choice. Austria is considered one of the top year-round travel destinations. Because of its beautiful Alps, winter sports are quite popular in Austria, providing Austria with high tourist attendance in the winter and giving you a reason to travel to Austria any time of the year...
Belgium Travel Guide
An Overview of Belgium for Travelers   by Richard Monk
Located on the European mainland, Belgium often is short-shifted in discussions of Europe. Following is an overview of Belgium for travelers...
Discovering Antwerp   by Joushua James
Located in Flanders, Antwerp is a historically and culturally important city in Belgium. It's Belgium's second largest city and Antwerp's port is the country's chief commercial port...
Getting to know the city of Bruges   by Joushua James
Bruges is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. Visitors who come here on the snow months or December and January can never get enough of the enchanting and breathtaking snowy landscapes of this city...
Traveling through Belgium's capital city Brussels   by Joushua James 
Brussels is a city that more than a thousand years old. It is the capital city of Belgium and is also referred to as the largest municipality of the Brussels-Capital Region. It location is prime as it's placed right in the centre of the country....
Visiting Ghent  by Joushua James
Ghent is Belgium's fourth largest city with about 250,000 inhabitants. The older name for "Ghent" which is "Ganda" comes from the Celtic word '"Ganda" which means confluence, according to historians.


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