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The benefits of taking a relaxing sea cruise around Europe

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What could be better than a leisurely sea cruise around Europe? Just imagine relaxing on deck, sipping a cocktail, as the ship takes you from one fascinating destination to the next. Cruise around the Greek Islands in relaxed luxury. Take a trip up the Italian coast, visit Croatia or explore Spain’s Balearic Islands in style. Too many options, too little time!
Cruise ships
Photo: CC by-SA Pjotr Mahhonin

Seriously though, as an alternative to the stress of queuing up at the airport, experiencing frustrating flight delays and then being squashed like a sardine in an overcrowded plane cabin for every single destination of your trip, this style of travel is a much better option. 

There are some side benefits to cruising the wide blue yonder too.  Everyone knows about air miles, but did you know that there has recently been the addition of Cruise Miles too?  You might ask, “how do Cruise Miles work?” The programme actually runs in a similar way to its air equivalent.  For every mile you travel, relaxed and happy on your favourite cruise ship, you tot up 1p towards your next luxurious cruise. Not only that, you can also earn other benefits, like free cabin upgrades and chauffeur transfers, free regional flights and flight upgrades, among others. The more your cruise, the more you put towards that long dreamed of around the world or Caribbean tour one day.
If you have the time, you can see so much of the world with very little effort, with lots of good food and entertainment and all the comfort you could ask for. All you can eat meals are included in the price, so weight watchers have to be careful as it is all too tempting to pig out at breakfast lunch and dinner! 

On the entertainment side of things, there are often luxurious spas on board, a casino to try a little flutter with your luck, libraries, theatres and shops to tempt you to open your wallet. Sports activities are on offer including shuffleboard, swimming pools and so much more. Relax in the bar and make new friends and influence people on your travels.

It is also important to note that enjoying a sea cruise is not just for the more mature these days.  Younger people are catching on to the fun and also joining in.

Costa Concordia
Photo: CC by-SA Mstyslav Chernov

More specialized cruises are popping up too these days, like singles cruises for people looking for that perfect partner, tours to see the amazing Northern lights, or even visits to the Arctic to see the polar bears, which means there are endless opportunities to enjoy this form of travel all year around.

If you are all at sea over what type of holiday to book, shake a leg and book travel in style and comfort on a cruise liner with all the luxuries of home.  It will be plain sailing from there on in.  Also, sign up to earn some cruise miles along the way, to put something aside for your next fun jaunt on the Mediterranean, Ionian or Aegean Sea. 

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