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If you are looking for the ultimate in relaxing travel at a much more affordable price, you canít go wrong with coach holidays. Instead of loading the luggage and kids in your own car, while listening to the endless ďare we there yet?Ē along the way, sit back and relax in a comfy seat on a coach, letting someone else do the driving for you. Even better, watch the beautiful scenery as it passes you by.

Take a coach holiday in the UK

Alternative means of travel

In these days of modern travel, a flight to your destination can take a mere hour or two. However, you need to first get to the airport, then wait around for your boarding call. At the other end, you climb off the plane exhausted and spend another hour or so waiting for your luggage to appear. In other words, a trip of an hour or two ends up being several hours and leaves you tired before you even start your holiday. As mentioned above, self-driving yourself and the family to your destination is also exhausting Ė while they get to view the passing parade, you are stuck at the wheel, staring through the windscreen.

Meanwhile, enjoyable coach holidays in the UK are defined as spending at least one night away from home, visiting beautiful destinations in comfort and stopping off along the way. Your luggage is securely stored in the luggage compartment of the coach and never ends up getting lost and taking a journey elsewhere in the world.

Try a coach holiday for a change

Coach holidays offer the advantages of convenient pick-up points all over the UK. These include cities and towns like Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham, Solihull, Exeter, Gloucester, Torquay, Worcester, Birmingham and many more.

Comfortable seating on a coach holiday

As for destinations and special trips, coach travellers are truly spoiled for choice. Coach holidays offer a choice of heading out for a long weekend break, a longer tour to the seaside, or heading through scenic countryside, visiting Heritage locations. Seasonal trips are enjoyed in the run-up to the Christmas holidays, heading out to the best festive markets in the country or taking a break to see in the New Year.

Trips are arranged for adults only, for those looking for peace along the way, visiting beautiful gardens around the UK. Meanwhile, for those travelling with the family, special coach holidays allow the kids to have loads of fun, including visiting the various fun theme parks.

Visit filming locations for your favourite show

An exciting alternative is visiting UK filming locations, actually experiencing the iconic places featured on TV shows and in British movies. For instance, head to Bath and other lovely locations to visit the sets used on the popular Netflix series Bridgerton. For anyone wishing to travel with a group of friends or family, a coach holiday is the ideal choice.

The city of Bath was one of the filming locations for the Netflix series Bridgerton

Take an enjoyable and relaxing coach holiday this Christmas, or book ahead for 2022. With so many wonderful and affordable options to choose from, you really canít go wrong.

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