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Take in Norway: One of the most beautiful countries in the world

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Norway is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. This Nordic country offers the stunning fjords, a remarkable coastline, mountainous scenery and icy glaciers. The cities and villages offer culture, traditional dining and much more, while those with an adventurous spirit can partake in many exciting activities. The following outlines the magic of Norway, a tempting place to visit and experience both now and many times in the future. Even better, Norway came in the top 10 Happiest Countries in 2020!

Trondheim in Norway

Landscapes of Norway

Norway is known for its steep-sided and beautiful Norwegian fjords that cut through the scenery from the rugged coastline into its interior. While they are fabulous to view from the top, one of the best way to view them is on a relaxing cruise through the fjords with the Norwegian Cruise Line.

Cruise the beautiful fjords of Norway

The countries glaciers and ice fields are among the largest in Europe, while the mountainous scenery of Norway’s interior it striking. Offshore, the rocky islands rise from the ocean like something from a fairytale. The Arctic with its sparse and icy beauty offers the splendours of the Northern Lights. Meanwhile, along the way, visitors discover some of the prettiest villages of Europe.

Northern Lights in Norway

Adventure tourism in Norway

Experiencing nature in Norway is an active journey in itself, but the country also offers a wide range of adventure tourism destinations. Most of the activities might be geared towards the young and fit, but some are suitable to anyone of any age, as long as they are reasonably fit.

Rapids in Norway

Here, travellers can experience white-water rafting and world-class hiking and cycling in the summer months, along with dog-sledding, snowmobiling and skiing in the winter. The winter sports are made even more exciting by a backdrop of the Northern Lights.

Wildlife of Norway

Those with a love of wildlife are spoiled in Norway. This includes whale watching with a number of species, including sperm, humpback and orca, depending on the season. The ideal place for this adventure is off the coast of Andenes, Tromso or Sto.

Arctic fox in Norway

Meanwhile the interior boasts wild reindeer, ponderous elk, musk oxen and the beautiful Arctic foxes. Birdwatchers will be thrilled to see the migratory seabirds of Runde and Varanger, as well as the cute puffins of Bleik. However, heading to Svalbard in the country’s high Arctic, offers up walruses and polar bears.

Norway’s sophisticated cities

After spending time in Norway’s countryside, a visit to the country’s exciting cities is equally exciting. The cities are cosmopolitan and feature the renowned Scandinavian flair for design. Among the most Instagrammable cities are Alesund, Bergen and Trondheim.

Trondheim in Norway

Norway’s cuisine is innovative, while built on a love of tradition, while the country’s many festivals throughout the year are internationally renowned. Cinema, theatre, music and art also feature strongly in Norway and are a welcome entertainment during a visit.

Treat yourself to a holiday in Norway next time, to experience everything this Scandinavian country has to offer.

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