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Take full advantage of your visit to Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Dubrovnik nestles on the coastline of southern Croatia, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. There are many attractions in this historic city, including the 16th-century Old Town, with its city walls. Museums, art galleries, restaurants and shops abound, so how do you make your choice of what to see in a limited time?

The following photo guide includes some of the major things to do and places you should go during your visit to Dubrovnik.
Panorama of Dubrovnik in Croatia

1. See the city from a different viewpoint on the Dubrovnik Walls

One way to find remarkable views of the city is to walk on the Dubrovnik Walls which encircle the Old Town. Depending on your walking speed, you can walk the whole wall in around two hours. Along the way, take photos of the different angles you can see of the Old Town with its beautiful, terracotta rooftops. Make sure you climb up the Minceta Tower along the way for an even better viewpoint.

Dubrovnik Walls, Croatia

2. Explore Dubrovnik Old Town

Head into Old Town to enjoy a stroll through the narrow winding streets. This area of town is easy to walk and along the way you will find quaint boutiques and shops, restaurants and cafes to make the odd pit stop, do some shopping or have a meal.

The main thoroughfare through the Old Town is the Stradun. This beautiful street is a must visit during your stay in Dubrovnik and while busy during the day, looks beautiful at night when it is quieter, with the lights shining on the buildings, while restaurants boom with customers enjoying a meal.

The Stradun, Dubrovnik

3. Visit Fort Lovrijenac

For another view over the city, head to Fort Lovrijenac, where you can enjoy stunning views. Another plus is the fact that this is one of several “Game of Thrones” filming locations in the city. This is where a tournament was held in the series on King Joffrey’s name day.

Just to warn you, you will need to climb up 175 steps to reach the upper level of the fort, but it is well worthwhile for the view, a small chapel and a whole load of cannons.

Fort Lovrijenac

4. Tour the Cathedral of Dubrovnik

The beautiful Baroque Cathedral of Dubrovnik dates from the 17th century and is well worth a visit. Inside you can have a glimpse at the Treasury, with its ornately crafted gold reliquaries, as well as the skull of Dubrovnik’s patron saint, St. Blaise.

Cathedral of Dubrovnik

5. Visit Lokrum Island

Once you have toured Dubrovnik and seen all the best sites, head to Dubrovnik harbour to enjoy a ferry ride to Lokrum Island. This beautiful spot is ideal for a quiet picnic, a day on the beach or a pleasant stroll through the gardens on the island, where you will spot peacocks and rabbits.

Austrian Archduke Maximilian had a holiday home on Lokrum in the past, but these days all that remains is a monastery and the botanical garden.

Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik

7. Tour the Maritime Museum

Overlooking the old harbour, the Maritime Museum  features exhibits relating to the city’s maritime past, including model ships from the 1600s along with navigational equipment, maps and flags.

Maritime Museum, Dubrovnik
Photo by Sailko/Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy your visit to Dubrovnik! This article features some of the major things to do in the city, but there are plenty more options available, including some of the best restaurants and bars in Dubrovnik.

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