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The Paradores of Spain
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Spain Accommodation
Parador de Jaen, Jaen, Andalucia, SpainThe Paradores of Spain are a group of beautiful and unique hotels in almost all regions of Spain (Balearic Islands being the exception for now).

The hotels are often situated in historic buildings - such as former Palaces, Castles, Monasteries, Convents, Hospitals and other converted buildings, and also in more modern buildings.  All offer the same high quality and comfortable accommodation - and also delightful local cuisine.

Imagine spending the night in a castle, or enjoying breakfast in the cloister or courtyard of a monastery.  Sit down to a delicious traditional meal in the dining room of a Palace!  Enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool whilst gazing at wonderful surrounding landscapes...

It's all possible, and at very affordable prices too.

Please use the menu above, or the links below, to start exploring the Paradores of Spain and have the adventure of a lifetime...

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