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5 Things You Can Do on Your Holiday to La Palma   by Jessica Nielson

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There are at least five things you can do on your holiday to La Palma that are exciting and fun. One of the things to do is to visit the theme park. There are four theme parks that you can visit, Los Tiles, C. Visitante El Paso, Jardin de los Aves and Maroparque. There is something that every park that will please everyone in the family. It may be landscapes, plants, birds or nature in itself. You could take a day, spend at each one of the parks, and still have time for other things. All the theme parks have so much to offer as well as restaurants, cafés and little shops.

Caldera De Taburiente, La Palma, Canary Islands, SpainVisiting the island can be even more exciting when you take a bus tour. This tour takes you around the island and shows you areas that you might not see if you are on your own. The guide is very friendly and makes the tour very interesting and adventurous. The nice thing about taking the bus tour is that you do not have to concentrate on driving. You can enjoy the scenery in the beautiful views of the island. The bus tours take their time and drive slow so you can see everything there is to be seen. This is perfect for families who want to get out and see the sights without renting a car.

Whale watching is another fascinating thing to do in La Palma. You can see the whales and the Dolphins while enjoying a nice quiet boat ride. Most of the boat rides take between two and four hours and you usually see more than enough dolphins and some whales in their natural habitat. The catamaran tours are very popular, so you should make sure to make reservations for the day that you want to go. It will have a fascinating time watch the Dolphins perform their funny antics and watching the whales jump out of the water and spray.

Another thing that seems to be popular on the island is the cigar factories. You can tour these factories and see how they make the cigars. It is actually very interesting to see the time and work that goes into one cigar. The one factory that fascinates everybody is the one where the cigars are rolled by hand. When you light up the cigar, you never think of the time that was spent to make that cigar just perfect. This factory considers the cigar a work of art and many people that smoke cigars will agree.

If you have a rental car, you might enjoy a drive along the old road. You will see chestnut trees and the Canary Pine. You will see black lava flow and the volcanic cone. When you get up closer to the top of the road, you will see many picnic areas to stop and rest. You can take along a picnic basket and enjoy a nice leisurely lunch while taking in the scenery. It is always a great time when you take your cheap holidays to La Palma.
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About the Author - Want more than five tips on what to do on La-palma then we recommend you read the article 4 Things To Do On Your Holiday To La Palma. Visit our site cheap holidays 24 for holiday guides to destinations throughout the world.



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