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Scotland Travel Guide - Glasgow
Enjoy a Theatre Trip to Glasgow   by Adam Singleton

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When people think of amazing theatre trips, most imaginations tend to drift off to Broadway and the West End - two of the most iconic theatre districts in the world. Broadway in New York is home to many actors' and actresses' dreams; where they picture themselves belting out the next greatest musical in front of an amazed audience - and London's West End isn't too different.

However, theatre is a pleasure that is performed all over the world, and a performance taking place somewhere other than these two magical destinations isn't necessarily inferior. In fact, there is every chance that the plays and productions you take in outside of Broadway and the West End are even better than their more esteemed counterparts. After all, Broadway and the West End have nothing to prove, where theatre productions taking place outside these locations do: they have to prove that they're just as good.

Glasgow is one such location where the theatre scene is simply fantastic. With a long history of excellent theatrical performances, the west Scotland city truly shines when it comes to the performing arts.

Home to the RSAMD - Scotland's most esteemed drama school - the city is packed full of well-trained actors and home to a string of constantly improving productions, some of which include touring performances from the West End.

Whatever type of production you want to take in while on a trip to Glasgow, you're bound to find it. From the best in musical theatre to performances of Shakespeare's greats, you'll never been disappointed by the sheer breadth of what's on offer.

Town Hall, George Square, Glasgow, Scotland, United KingdomThe Citizens Theatre is an amazing production theatre, which is used to film television theatre as well as put on performances to large crowds. Glasgow's King's Theatre, which is now more than 100 years old, is the one to head for if you're into large scale, dramatic performances that include plenty of music and dance. The theatre has a vast space for this type of production and it is well worth taking in whatever's on show during your visit as you're guaranteed to be impressed. Sometimes, the King's even includes circus-style performances in its programming.

Glasgow has many other theatres, like the Pavilion, the Tron, the National Theatre of Scotland and, the home of Scottish Opera, the Theatre Royal - all of which await from the moment you arrive in the city on your Glasgow flight - so be sure to check what's on and get booking those tickets!

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Glasgow Hotels - Scotland Home Page - Return to Travel Guide

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