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Scotland Travel Guide - Edinburgh
Scottish History in the Old Town of Edinburgh   by Isla Campbell

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Edinburgh has the grace of being one of those cities wherein its ancient history is still predominant in the city today. From its cultural traditions to the structure of the very city itself, Edinburgh's past is still very much a part of its present - and, undoubtedly, its future too.

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, ScotlandAs the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is one of the most visited cities in the country, and with good reason. Not only is it the hub of all things cultural and entertainment, but Edinburgh also happens to be the best city for getting a taste of Scotland's mesmerising history. If you're hoping to get more involved in your exploration of Edinburgh's past, there's no better place to start than in the city's Old Town.

Comprised of winding alleys, claustrophobic closes, underground vaults and the famous Royal Mile, Edinburgh's Old Town will show you how a thriving and modern culture has been built on top of a fascinating old existence. A simple stroll up the Royal Mile can take you to any number of Edinburgh closes - tight, narrow streets that used to lead down to jammed residential areas that consisted of some of the world's first ever high rises. As Edinburgh used to largely consist of the mile that reached down from Edinburgh Castle, there wasn't much space for people to live, so they stacked them on top of one another in a claustrophobic, frequently filthy way of life that led to terrible consequences when the Black Plague rolled around many centuries ago.

Now that it's much larger, Edinburgh has enjoyed the opportunity to stretch out a little and has abandoned its 'higher, not wider' ways. However, the enigmatic Old Town is still one of the most fascinating places you can go to discover how people lived at the start of the city. You'll find attractions like the incredible Camera Obscura, revolutionary at its time as an instrument that allowed people to see the surroundings outside the building magnified many times, as well as the majestic Edinburgh castle itself where you can discover how royalty lived - as well as taking in the breathtakingly beautiful crown jewels.

Going back down the Royal Mile, at night a plethora of ghost walks offer thrills and chills - as well as a wealth of historical information all offered in a fantastic storytelling style.

There's plenty to discover about Scotland's capital once you step off your flight to Edinburgh - do so in style and ensure you include the Old Town in your plans.

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