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Marvão is a municipality in Portugal with a total area of 154.9 km² and a total population of 3,739 inhabitants.  The municipality is composed of 4 parishes, and is located in the District of Portalegre. 

The present Mayor is Vitor Martins Frutuoso, elected by the Social Democratic Party.  The municipal holiday is September 8.  Its name is derived from an ancient local Muslim chieftain, named Ibn Marwan.

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O Poejo Boutique Hotel, Santo Antonio Das Areias, near Marvão
The Albergaria O Poejo Boutique Hotel is located in Santo Antonio das Areias, Portugal. Marvao is four kilometres away, Castelo de Vide is ten kilometres away, and Portalegre is 25 kilometres away. Beira Train Station is situated four kilometres from the hotel. Surrounded by the Sao Mamede Mountain Natural Park, the Albergaria O Poejo Boutique Hotel combines traditional Alentejo architecture with contemporary decor. The hotel is hung with original artwork and decorated with traditional rustic artefacts, and there is an onsite library, gift shop, and terrace area.  The Albergaria O Poejo Boutique Hotel has a bright, modern restaurant housed in a former olive factory serving a range of traditional Portuguese dishes including Shark Broth, Fried Pork with Clams, and Marvao Lamb. There is a lobby bar with a fireplace, and a complimentary buffet breakfast is provided. 
Pousada de Marvão - Santa Maria Marvão
The small traditional houses of Marvao, a medieval town with walls dating from the thirteenth century, seem to squeeze the narrow little streets that wind between them. Two of these village houses have been comfortably converted into the Pousada Marvao, Santa Maria, a small charming hotel.  The Pousada Santa Maria boasts many features, which make this a special place to stay. The cosy ambience of the bedrooms and reception rooms is echoed in the simple decoration and almost family atmosphere. The rooms offer two completely different experiences: some (only a few) offer views of the stunning mountain landscape surrounding this hilltop town, whilst the rest face inwards into the lanes and alleyways of the old town, immersing visitors in a medieval world of granite and whitewashed houses.
Santa Clara-a-Velha is a Portuguese parish in the municipality of Odemira. It has a population of 780 (2001) and an area of 99.42 km².
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Pousada de Santa Clara-a-Velha, Santa Clara-a-Velha
Near the beaches of the coast of S. Vicente in Alentejo, surrounded by a breathtaking mountain landscape and close to Santa Clara dam, you will find the Pousada de Santa Clara-a-Velha hotel. The view from its balconies and swimming pool gives you the tranquility and relaxation you need.  Its peacefulness is ideal for shooting, fishing, water sports or even for a rest in perfect harmony with nature.  This nature hotel is very close to the Natural Park and Vicentine Coast, where the beaches are very appreciated and known. 
Santiago do Cacém is a municipality in Portugal with a total area of 1060.0 km² and a total population of 30,305 inhabitants. The municipality is composed of 11 parishes, and is located in the district of Setúbal.  The present Mayor is Vitor Manuel Caro Proença, elected by the Unitarian Democratic Coalition. The municipal holiday is July 25.

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Pousada de Santiago do Cacém - Quinta da Ortiga, Santiago do Cacém
This Pousada de Santiago do Cacém is located in a typical Alentejo farm estate, a few minutes from Santiago do Cacém and the São Vicente Coast beaches. It has a beautiful chapel and it is encircled in a magnificent landscape crossed by a refreshing river, terraced gardens and a swimming pool are located where the former watering reservoir used to be. This Pousada's concept is based on its peaceful rural atmosphere, altough there are interesting cultural-historic sites nearby, such as Santiago castle or the Miróbriga Roman ruins, the largest and most complete ruins South of the Tagus river.
Sousel - The Sousel village is located in Alentejo, 17km far away from Estremoz and 55km from Portalegre, a region with rare beauty, with a fertile land and many riversides. This village was founded by the constable D. Nuno Alvares Pereira and is surrounded by lands that are known for having many species with cynegetic interest.  Not far away form the village, on the top of the São Miguel hillock, is the Pousada São Miguel, the first cynegetic tourism space of Portugal, being equipped with a kennel.   But not only the hunting lovers may look for this Pousada, as near it there is the most ancient bull-ring of Portugal and the Maranhão dam (25 km), which makes it possible to fish and do water sports.
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Pousada de Sousel - São Miguel, Sousel
The Sousel village is located in Alentejo, 17km far away from Estremoz and 55km from Portalegre, a region with rare beauty. Situated on a hill overlooking the vast Alentejo plains, stands the white-painted walls and peaceful Pousada de Sousel, São Miguel. This nature hotel with its cinegetic interior designs is always waiting for the shooting, leisure and unique rich cuisine lovers.  Sousel has the oldest bullring in Portugal. Located near the Maranhão dam, it is also ideal for fishing and water sports.
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Pousada de Torrão - Vale do Gaio, Torrão
In the heart of the Alentejo region, 30 km from Alcácer do Sal and over the Vale do Gaio dam, stands the beautiful Pousada of Torrão, Vale do Gaio.  It is the perfect place for shooting, fishing nature and water sports lovers, as well as for gastronomics buffs.  The sunsets at the terrace, overlooking the dam make your stay at this nature hotel unforgettable.
Vila Viçosa is a town in Vila Viçosa Municipality, Portugal.
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Pousada de Vila Viçosa - Dom João IV, Vila Viçosa
The Pousada de Vila Viçosa, D. João IV, is set in the former Convent of Chagas de Cristo in the historical village of Vila Viçosa. Very characteristic with its intricate themed rooms, full of legends and tales. This Pousada is a luxury hotel, that has kept intact the convent cells, the retreats and the oratories built by the nuns. You can also appreciate the exquisite conventual recipes.  One of the most interesting features of the buildings is the marble doorway. Italian influences combined with the tradition and tastes of local architects.

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