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Plan The Most Luxurious 18th Birthday Party Ever


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Your son or daughter is about to celebrate their 18th birthday and, while you canít understand where the years have gone, this is something huge to celebrate. Why not plan the best, most luxurious 18th birthday party and invite all their friends. While your home may be too small for a huge birthday bash, there are a number of potential venues out there for the taking.

Party in style in an amazing party house

Historic party house

Your child is about to turn 18 years of age and you are scratching your head, trying to figure out the perfect venue for a big birthday bash. Letís face it, this is an important birthday in their lives and it deserves a major celebration. However, after adding up your teenís friends, cousins and other family members you realize you need a bigger venue than your own home.

The ideal solution is to hire a magnificent party house to host the event, somewhere large enough to accommodate everyone. Meanwhile, if required, catering for the event can be included in the price. Choose from a series of historical properties with the space for the party, including extra features like swimming pools, hot tubs and games rooms to keep the guests entertained.

Party marquee in the garden

Party marquee

For parents with a big garden, a party marquee can be set up on your own property to house the 18th birthday party. Meanwhile, items like tables and chairs can be included in the price, including a dance floor for guests to dance as a DJ plays your teenís favourite tunes.

Rather than preparing snacks yourselves, also hire a quality caterer to prepare the food and lay on a bar for those 18 or older. Besides inviting friends and family, it would probably be a good idea to invite the neighbors as this party will be noisy!

Hire a nightclub for the party

For a truly exciting 18th birthday celebration, hire a local nightclub or similar venue for the party. Here, you have to remember that some of your teenís friends may still be under 18, meaning they might not be allowed into the club.

Meanwhile, a perfect alternative is a pop-up nightclub, in the grounds of your home, with everything you would see in a top club. If thereís no room in your garden, hire an open space in the countryside to set up the pop-up club. Think opulent interiors and a star-lit canopy, flashy lighting, a top DJ playing at the dance floor.

Meanwhile guests are welcomed by a doorman and can enjoy cocktails and snacks on-site. The option in the video can accommodate up to 135 guests, making it the ideal venue for an 18th birthday party. Even better, hire the pop-up club and keep it as a surprise reveal on the night.

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