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A great way to tour around in Holland

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Europe as a whole is a great place for cyclists, and with all that level ground, Holland is just perfect for pedalling around.  When visiting Amsterdam, the number of bicycles in the streets seems almost endless.  The best part is that not only can you keep fit, but as a tourist you will see so much more from a bicycle than you would through the windscreen of a rental car. 
However, there is more to cycling than just pedalling around town like a local.  As a holidaymaker you can book some really exciting cycling holidays in Holland for a real on-the-wheel experience.

You can try the self-guided tours through all the historic towns of Holland, visiting seven of Holland’s finest cities and towns in just eight days.

If you prefer the guided experience, just imagine taking a tour from beautiful Amsterdam, following all the famous waterways winding through the quaint towns of Holland into Belgium, ending up in spectacular Bruges, a place of magnificent medieval architecture.

Along the way, stay on board a traditional Dutch barge to rest after a day of active touring, passing 17th century windmills and enchanting scenery.

For another idea, you can take a guided cycling tour across the flat “polder-land” (really easy cycling!) which is found along the northern shores of Holland.  This area of Holland was reclaimed from the sea, starting way back in the 17th century.

Prinsengracht and Wsterkerk, Amsterdam, Holland
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Along the way you will see many beautiful windmills and wooden houses, visit the island of Texel where you will experience beautiful beaches, visit a seal sanctuary and pass through some truly beautiful villages during your tour.

Using a network of excellent cycle paths, you will then visit the historic town of Hoom, visit the famous Edam where that tasty cheese comes from and experience Volendam, where the harbour is famous for its smoked and salted herrings.

Getting hungry?  There are many traditional Dutch eating houses along the way to appease that healthy appetite.

When ready to rest that weary body, you will enjoy a stay on board the Angela Esme barge, with the movement of the water rocking you to sleep.

There are so many more great options to choose from, but all in all, holidays spent cycling around in Holland in the fresh clean air are a great way to keep fit, healthy and, of course, see all the great sights of a historic and beautiful country.

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