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Hamburg Travel Tips  by Alfred Patrick

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Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. It is located a hundred of kilometers away from the banks of the River Elbe. The city is densely populated with more than a million and a half inhabitants and its metropolitan area has over four million inhabitants. Hamburg is a harbor city and it is the second biggest harbor city in the whole of Europe.

A View Over the City and Port from Michaeliskirche, Hamburg, GermanyHamburg is home to several world-renowned museums, some of the more notable being Deichtorhallen, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, and Kunsthalle. Hamburg is also a city that is heavily influenced by theater. There are many fantastic theaters scattered throughout the city, including Deutsches Schauspielhaus, the Ernst-Deutsch Theater, and the Laeiszhalle.

Hamburg airport is known in German as Flughafen Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel and has the airport code HAM. Every year an estimated 13 million passengers use Hamburg international airport on about 173,500 flights.

The new Rathaus was inaugurated in 1897. It stands on over 4000 oak posts. Very much in contrast to the Hanseatic style, the Town Hall gleams with an elaborately ornate façade which is graced by a total of 20 statues of the Kaiser. It dominates the city centre with its impressive architecture. It is the seat of the city senate and the municipality of Hamburg and has 647 rooms!

Other must sees when you visit Hamburg include a visit to the Museum of Hamburg History. The displays and exhibits will bring the history of the city to life before your eyes as you learn of the escapades of the feared pirate Stortebeker to the story of the Beatles visit to the city and the crowds that went to hear and see them at the Star Club.

People at Hamburger Dom Fun Fair with Ferris Wheel in Background, Hamburg, GermanyHamburg is the second largest city in Germany with a population of about 1.7 million people, and given its industrial past, is a lively and surprisingly green harbour city. Much of the city is occupied by parks, protected countryside, lakes or tree-lined canals, giving this huge city a refreshing rural feel.

A recommended and very popular thing to do is a boat tour of the harbor and/or canals which will give a different view and perspective of the city. There is also the old warehouse district, the majestic Town Hall, the Art Hall Museum, and Hamburg's famous zoo. Another poular spot is the relaxing neighborhood Schanze with open air

The markets were united in 1934 and one thing that reminds people of the former competitors is the statue of two centaurs fighting for one big fish. Nowadays the market is around 1 kilometer long. People arrive here to shop for fish, fresh and smoked, as well as poultry, fruits, vegetables, pastries, souvenirs and what not.

Keeping in mind the key role played by container industries the world over, not only in assisting intermodal transport but also in encouraging safe and secure international trade, Intermodal is a leading container event attracting some key players in the industry.

Daniels Bar is located at 17 Ellmenreich Strasse, here patrons will find a full menu of cocktails and foods, along with live entertainment in a bar like setting. This is where meeting the locals is easy and having drinks can include conversation.

Hamburg is located. This caused the city to become one of the fastest-growing ports in Northern Europe. Over the years, the city created trade alliances culminating in a 1241 charter that had Hamburg become a core partner in the powerful Hanseatic League with its trade routes connecting both the North Sea and the Baltic.


Visit Germany - German Accommodation  /  Hamburg Hotels  /  Return to Travel Guide

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