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  Paris, France - Self-Catering / Vacation Rental Accommodation
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Ouí Paree! - Travel To Paris   by Frank Johnson

Not only is it the capital of France, Paris has accumulated a laundry list throughout history of self-proclaimed and well-worn titles that place Parisians in a class of their own. Paris is a haven for love and romance, the disputed epicenter of cutting-edge fashion, a global culinary capital, the motherland of fine arts and let us not forget the self-given accolade of an elite culture. The streets of Paris, particularly on spring or summer evenings, are an enchanting mosaic of clanking wine glasses, aromatic espresso and impassioned chatter against a background of softly lit cobblestone. The sprawling metropolis requires careful exploration to properly digest its enticing blend of traditional classy charm and progressive hyper-modernism.... read more

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