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Perhaps youíve already hit the tried and tested beaches throughout the Mediterranean Sea, and maybes you have visited all the top cities rated by every other travel blog going, so what now? Are you left thinking that youíve Ďbeen there, done thatí, what other types of experience is awaiting you that you havenít already sampled? Holiday volunteering might not have been at the tip of your tongue, but itís a chance to really try something a bit different with your free time.
If youíre a regular globetrotter/backpacker then you will most likely be very accustomed to some of the more quaint locations throughout the world that may lack in high rise buildings, but make up for in beauty and charm. Volunteer vacations arenít some sort of arduous excursion where you are expected to work day and night erecting homes and cleaning beaches, itís a case of helping locals re-build their community in more ways than just with your hands. There is an application process which determines the most beneficial project for the skills you have; perhaps you have teaching credentials that can be deployed to help natives improve their foreign language skills.

Sound interesting yet? Do note that you wonít be shipped out to a country that you have any reservations about in any way, although you wonít be able to necessarily pick and choose your destination itself. However, here are some of the destinations you could enjoy exploring should decide to experience one of the volunteer abroad programs:

Mahe Island, Seychelles
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Just imagine enjoying a summers day in any of those destinations listed above. Itís likely that most people havenít been to two let alone all of those places, so thereís the chance to explore a new land for potential volunteers. Itís a good idea to read up online to find out what the experience of volunteering abroad is like in order for you to get a full understanding of what awaits you, but chances are that you will find that itís potentially one of the best experiences youíll ever have!


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