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Family Holiday Guide For The Lisbon Coast Of Portugal

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Lisbon in Portugal is a great destination for family holidays and offers a varied selection of attractions and activities for children of all ages. Among the attractions are the Lisbon Zoo, the colourful trams, an oceanarium and more. Meanwhile, locations along the Lisbon coast make for fun daytrips, visiting the various pretty towns and idyllic beaches. Read on to find out more about a family-friendly holiday in Lisbon, Portugal.

Cascais Beach, Lisbon Coast, Portugal

Lisbon for families

Portuguese people are very family oriented and when it comes to the tourism industry, they understand a family’s needs. Hotels, restaurants and major attractions in Lisbon are designed to accommodate the little ones and make their holiday truly memorable.

People often ask how safe it is to visit Lisbon, but basically, as long as you use the same common sense as you would at home it is pretty safe. Here, the only issues are from pick-pockets who tend to haunt tourist areas late at night.

Lisbon is accommodating

Lisbon and its surrounding areas offers a selection of all-inclusive resorts and hotels, or smaller bed & breakfasts. However, for families, it is easier to be more independent by staying in a beachfront apartment, spacious holiday home or a luxurious villa on the Portugal coast.

Holiday rental villa in Portugal

Shopping for children’s necessities

Lisbon offers a wide range of supermarkets, shops and pharmacies, selling all the common items you would buy back home. Depending on the brand, you might find baby food, nappies and specialist food a little more expensive than back at home. However, one recommended supermarket chain in Portugal in Pingo Doce which has a couple of stores in Lisbon.

Medical care in Portugal

Portugal as a country offers a good standard of health services, but for travellers, it is best to first head to a nearby pharmacy for minor ailments. Should a more serious health problem arise, families should ensure they have sufficient insurance to cover any medical emergencies or the cost of a cancelled holiday.

Children on the beach

When to visit with the family

Lisbon in peak season gets pretty hot. However, this is a dry heat (low humidity) which is fairly comfortable. As long as the family tops up regularly with water, and starts their sightseeing in the morning, it can be comfortable. However, for those seeker a cooler experience in Lisbon, May, September, and the Easter holidays make a perfect time to visit. Even in winter, the temperate rarely drop below 14°C.

Towns on the Lisbon Coast

While based in Lisbon, families can easily explore Cascais on the Lisbon Coast. This pretty resort town offers excellent beaches and a variety of attractions for the whole family. Meanwhile, Estoril is another town worth visiting, but with less historic attractions. If you don’t have a rental car, the city offers a regular train service for convenience.

Cascais, Portugal

Activities for the family in Lisbon

The Lisbon Oceanarium is said to be one of the best aquariums in Europe and a fascinating visit for the children. The Oceanarium has four large tanks, representing the various oceanic regions of the world. Each is full of the exciting marine life for that particular region.

Visit the Lisbon Oceanarium
[Image @ oceanariodelisboa/Instagram]

Meanwhile, Lisbon Zoo is always a hit for families, with its excellent layout, and well cared for animals. One particular attraction for the kids is the large water pool where dolphin and sea lions shows are held. The zoo also has a snake and reptile house and a petting zoo where the little ones can interact with the cute animals.

One true hit for the children is Lisbon’s classic trams, which clatter their way on the narrow streets of the city. However, in peak season, the trams tend to get very busy, so rather experience this during the early morning or the evening.

The colourful trams of Lisbon

Have fun with the children in Lisbon, Portugal this summer, exploring all the many attractions this beautiful city has to offer. .

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