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An enjoyable visit to Zagreb, capital of Croatia

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Croatia is becoming a popular travel destination, with plenty of history, beaches, culture and things to do. Here we briefly visit Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.
Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb is Croatia’s fascinating and historic capital, with an interesting mixture of architecture. When strolling in the Upper Town, with its cobble-stone streets and red-roofs, visit the Gothic Zagreb Cathedral. Also gaze at the colourful and interesting tiled roof of the 13th-century St. Mark’s Church. Enjoy a stroll along Tkalciceva Street with its many outdoor cafes. Then head to the short, steep Funicular Railway, which was constructed in 1888 and takes you quickly and easily down to Lower Town.

Art and culture in Zagreb

Head to Lower Town and visit the shops, museum and parks surrounded the main square. In the way of museums, visit the Croatian Museum of Naïve Art, a small building displaying 80 pieces of art from the 1960s and 1970s. The colourful work displayed is by some of the most important artists of the period, including Rabuzin, Generalic and Mraz. 

More art can be enjoyed at the Mimara Museum with its collection of work by the European masters and the Museum of Contemporary Art.
Zagreb, Croatia
Most of us have experienced a break up in our love life at some time in the past. Zagreb has the perfect museum (one of several) to commemorate our losses. The Museum of Broken Relationships has many quirky keepsakes, passed on in memory of a lost love, including mementos like a toaster someone scorned stole from his or her former lover to prevent them making toast again. Notes, ornaments, shoes, clothing and all kinds of items line the white walls of the museum.
Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb
Opera, drama and ballet can be enjoyed at the Croatian National Theatre, set in an opulent, neo-baroque building, which also hosts an annual international theatre festival. The city also hosts many excellent restaurants, bars and nightclubs for evening fun and entertainment. Head to some of the backstreets of Lower Town where you will see bland concrete walls, transformed by local street artists into colourful and fascinating murals. This is the ideal part of the city to explore, armed with a camera.

Food and fun in Zagreb

After exploring the city, enjoy Zagreb’s cafe culture, a firm part of the city’s everyday life. Besides the cafes and restaurants everywhere, there are pop-up markets, food stalls in the parks and squares and music seems to play everywhere you go. Cuisine in Zagreb is varied, with modern and older restaurants offering the traditional local fare and those offering Italian, French, Swiss and many other delights, as well as bistros serving delicious snacks, cakes and the famous Croatian desserts.

Cafe in Zagreb, Croatia

Sailing and swimming at Jarun Lake

Heading southwest of the city centre, visit Jarun Lake. This is the perfect summer destination for locals and visitors to enjoy sailing and swimming. The lake is also surrounded by leafy walking paths and with nightclubs and restaurants close by. If visiting Zagreb in winter, head to Mount Medvednica close by, which offers excellent skiing and snowboarding in the colder months.
Jarun Lake
If you feel in the mood for further sailing, head down to the coast and visit exciting Split, before enjoying a luxurious Croatian cruise to Dubrovnik to visit that city’s wonderful offerings. Croatia has so much to offer in the way of history, fun and nature, you will be sure to return again and again.

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Home Page  /  Travel Guide  /  Croatia Guide


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