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Travel Guide to Slovenia


Slovenia is a country in Central Europe that lies in the eastern Alps at the northeastern end of the Adriatic Sea, with Austria to the north, Italy to the northwest, Hungary to the northeast and Croatia to the south. Despite its small size, Slovenia has a surprising variety of terrain, ranging from the beaches of the Mediterranean to the peaks of the Julian Alps, to the rolling hills of the south. Slovenia was already more economically advanced than other "East Block" nations prior to European integration and the powerhouse of Tito's Yugoslavia. Added the fact that Slovenia is also home to some of the finest scenery in the "New Europe", the transition from socialism to the european common market economy has gone well and serves as a model for other nations on the same track to follow. 

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Bled is a town in Slovenia, on the east side of Lake Bled. Bled's scenery is almost impossibly romantic, with a little white church on an island in the center of an emerald green mountain lake, Bled Castle perched high above and the peaks of the Julian Alps all around and it is consequently often packed with honeymooning couples and the like. The town is also a popular access point for Triglav National Park and offers numerous possibilities for an active holiday, including hiking, mountain biking, swimming, rafting and skiing in winter or a relaxing spell in a modern wellness centre. 

Ljubljana, also known as Laibach, its German name, is the capital of Slovenia. As the legend goes it was created by Greek hero Jason who stole golden fleece from king Aites and escaped with his friend Argonauts through Black sea to Danube river to Sava river all the way to Ljubljanica river where they dismantled their ship and carried it to Adriatic sea. On their way to the sea they stopped by a big lake and a swamp. That swamp was a home of big monster that Jason fought bravely and killed. That monster was Ljubljana's Dragon that symbolizes Ljubljana nowadays. It is said that Jason was also first Ljubljana's inhabitant.

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