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Warm Hospitality of Hotels in Dusseldorf  by Nancy Eben

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Located on the banks of Rhine River, Dusseldorf is one the most gracious towns of Germany. With all the exciting places closely located, the city of Dusseldorf is a very good place to visit during one’s vacation to Germany. After shopping on the streets of Konigsallee you can take pleasure in the beauty of Altstadt which is a primordial district of the city. Promenade is the integral part of the city. On the banks of Rhine River this activity becomes all the more interesting.

A quiet evening stroll around in the evening is one of the best things to indulge in. Apart from places to visit and things to do availability of accommodations is also easy to find. That is to say, Hotels in Dusseldorf can be found in all variety.

A Trip about the city of Dusseldorf via the very common steamer of "Weisse Flotte" will help you explore the splendid beauty of the city. Moving to the north one will reach Kaiserswerth which will then lead to the Barbarossa’s track which further shows way to wrecks of his palace. This place is surrounded by mesmerizing spots to enjoy a fun-filled picnic in the countryside. The parks of the city are the most ideal place to sit back and relax while enjoying its beautiful surroundings.

The place called Old Town that is located next to downtown is also an outstanding spot to spend one’s time entertainingly. Old Town boasts of a humungous open-air shopping mall decked with chic restaurants, clubs, pubs, lounge and discotheque to name a few. Or if you have a thing about the Japanese food then this is the ideal place to hit. Packed with Japanese restaurants and shops, Old Town is a fine place that promises great fun and great food. Some of the best sights in and around Dusseldorf are the renowned Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen Museum, Goethe-Museum, architectural splendors like the Burgplatz and St. Andreas among others. In front of the old city hall the statue of Elector Jan Wellem seated on his horse is an impressive sight to appreciate. The City of Dusseldorf can even be called the Mecca of culture and art. Boasting of over 20 theatres, concert and opera halls the city also has numerous art galleries.

Although the Dusseldorf is beautiful throughout, it is at its best during summers. Therefore, advance reservations are firmly suggested. If you are looking for cheap lodging then areas in the neighborhood of train station would just be the place for you. Or if you a willing to spend more then Star Hotels in Dusseldorf can be found in plenty. Hotels in Dusseldorf are as elegant as they are ace in their services. Since there is an option for everyone depending upon the budget, the facilities available in each hotel varies. Checking into a luxury hotel means that you can enjoy their state of the art facility. From spacious modern gyms to spas that have well experienced massagers. Even if accommodation that you opt for is an economical one, the staff service available is always praiseworthy.


Visit Germany - German Accommodation - Dusseldorf Hotels - Return to Travel Guide

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