Best time to visit Saas-Fee in Switzerland

Best time to visit Saas-Fee in SwitzerlandBest time to visit Saas-Fee in Switzerland
Best time to visit Saas-Fee in Switzerland

Best Time to Visit Saas-Fee in Switzerland

Best time to visit Saas-Fee in Switzerland [Image by Anthony from Pixabay]

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Saas-Fee is rightfully dubbed “The Pearl of the Alps” for its surrounding towering peaks surrounding the glacier village. In fact, car-free Saas-Fee village lies at the foot of Switzerland’s tallest mountain, the Dom, which looms 5,905 feet (4,545 metres) above sea level. In fact, 13 peaks surround the glacier village, which is itself 5,905 feet (1,800 meters) above sea level.

Saas-Fee in Switzerland
Saas-Fee Village [Image Wikimedia Commons]

Due to its excellent snow conditions, this is the place to be for fans of skiing and other winter sports. In fact, some who enjoy visiting this beautiful glacier village for its winter and summer attractions have the chance to purchase a beautiful Swiss Alpine chalet as a second home. Just when is it the best time to visit Saas-Fee?

Winter in Saas-Fee

Saas-Fee in winter is ideal for all the popular winter sports, with 93 mi (150 km) of pistes, including blue, red, black and yellow runs. This makes the location perfect for visitors of all levels. In fact, for those non-Alpine skiers, the resort has a long, cross-country ski trail as well as many hiking trails. Meanwhile, Saas-Fee has a number of toboggan runs for a fun alternative to skiing and plenty of snowboarding and sledding options.

Skiing in Saas Fee
Skiing in Saas-Fee [Image Wikimedia Commons]

This winter ski regions boasts 22 lifts and well prepared pistes, making the destination one of the best in Switzerland’s ski region. One great example for experienced skiers is Galen Piste. This downhill run starts at the top station of the Plattjen cableway to Saas-Fee, offering spectacular views over the Mischabel range. Moreover, besides two red and black pistes, Galen also features free-ride sections for experts to enjoy.

However, Saas-Fee has also been officially dubbed a “Family Destination” by the Swiss Tourism Federation with many fun activities for the little ones. In fact, this is a winter paradise for children with Kians Adventure Land, sledging and toboggan adventures and a visit to the ice pavilion.

Exploring the area

Close by, visitors can enjoy another ski area above Saas-Grund in the nearby Kreuzboden-Hochsaas region. Here, an 5-mi (8-km) long cross-country ski trail is available for non-Alpine skiers, as well as 12 mi (20 km) of winter walking trails. Again, Saas-Grund offers a number of fun toboggan runs, including the 7-mi (11-km) run from Kreuzboden to the village.

Saas-Fee in summer

Skiing in Saas Fee
[Image by Patrik M. Loeff/Flickr]

When the snow and ice melts, the landscapes of Saas-Fee are transformed and offer a different experience. In fact, the village is surrounded by almost 220 mi (350 km) of walking paths and themed trails. Everyone in the family will enjoy meeting the tame marmots that live beneath the Spielboden mountain station.

For more adventurous folk, crossing the Alpin gorge between Saas-Fee and Saas-Grund is an amazing experience. Alternatively, the adventure forest is a fun activity for those with no fear of heights with its many obstacle courses. Among these are rope bridges, passing from tree to tree, or swinging from a steel cable while traversing the forest landscape.

Moreover, the Saas valley also features a wide network of push-scooter routes and mountain bike tracks to take visitors through the forests. Whether in winter or summer, this beautiful region of Switzerland offers a remarkable experience for anyone. .

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