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Belgium Travel, Accommodation & Holiday Guide

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Traveling through Belgium's capital city Brussels   by Joushua James

Brussels is a city that more than a thousand years old. It is the capital city of Belgium and is also referred to as the largest municipality of the Brussels-Capital Region. It location is prime as it's placed right in the centre of the country. Brussels is made up of 19 communes forming one of the three regions of the federal Belgian state.
It is also serves as headquarters for the French and Flemish Communities in Belgium. Brussels is home to the European Commission and to the Council of ministers of the European Union (EU). 

Brussels is an interesting place to visit as their buildings are marked by a variety of architectural styles. You will find Gothic cathedrals and Churches standing next to classic styled buildings like those around the Royal Square. Its people are cosmopolitan and you find both French and Dutch being spoken by it inhabitants. Its liveliness and international flair comes from its role as the crossroad for all of Europe.

Among the top places to visit in Brussels is the Grand-Place which is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. The square is surrounded by buildings with magnificent gothic architecture such as the Hotel de Ville (Town Hall) and you can feel the Baroque exuberance of the late seventeenth-century in the guild houses surrounding the square.

Hotel de Ville, Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium
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Grand Place, Floral Carpet, Brussels, Belgium
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Another equally important place to see is the Royal Museum of Fine Arts (Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts) which houses the collection from both old masters as well as from modern artists.

Tourists can land at either the Brussels National Airport which is located in Zaventem, which is a nearby Flemish municipality or the Brussels South Airport, located near Charleroi (Wallonia), which is some 80km from Brussels. Brussels major train stations link the city to the United Kingdom by Eurostar, and to other major European cities by high speed rail links.

Since Brussels is a regional, federal and European capital, it is a preferred location for many cultural events such as theatrical and musical events, music, and exhibitions. It has a number of theatres and cinemas for entertainment purposes. So come and enjoy the one of the best places in Europe and revel in it's typical European climate for a dream vacation.

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Hotels in Brussels
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