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5 Jobs You Can Do As A Couple While Travelling

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They say a change is as good as a holiday, so why not travel, while making a living along the way? If you are travelling with your partner, there are several jobs you can do together as a couple, while enjoying time away from your home base.

The following are five different options to keep gainfully employed while travelling with your partner.

1. Work on a cruise ship

Working on a cruise ship

Cruise ships often have vacancies for workers with a variety of jobs, including cabin cleaners, entertainers, chefs and massage therapists. If both of you have skills you think would meet the challenge, this is a great way to travel and meet interesting people while earning some money on the side. Owners of private yachts are also occasionally looking for good workers, so if you both have sailing skills or knowledge about caring for boats, this could be a great option. The one drawback is that working on a ship or private boat can require a greater time commitment, but the pleasure of working onboard often makes it worth it.

2. Online freelance work

Working online

If you and your partner own laptops, freelancing is an ideal way to make money while travelling abroad. Check out some of the freelance websites for computer-based work that you will be able to do while on a jaunt around the world, including Fiverr, Guru, Mechanical Turk and Upwork. Examples of work that can be done this way are writing (maybe write an epic blog or two about your working holiday), editing videos or photos. If either of you have skills that you could teach online, another site worth a visit is Take Lessons.

3. Sell things online


If you have the ability to make jewellery or other small craft items that are easy to carry around with you, Etsy might be a good option for making some money while travelling. Photographers with a good DSLR camera could take photos of tourist attractions along the way and sell them online. eBay might also be an option if you and your partner can source items locally which can bring in a good profit online.

4. Resort work worldwide

Resort at the beach

Resorts all over the world are always looking for good workers, whether it be in the restaurant or bar, looking after guests’ kids or working at the reception desk. As resorts are normally located in the type of places you want to visit, this can be a definite benefit. When work is done, or you have days off, you can enjoy the surrounding views or head to the nearest attraction. These jobs are not only available in summer, as ski resorts often need help too. 

5. Fruit picker or harvester

Fruit picking

If you are pretty fit, this could be one way of working your way around Europe. However, it can be also back-breaking employment. The work also tends to pay pretty poorly. However, some travellers that have tried it say it’s a great workout adventure and often you will be working in beautiful surroundings. You’ll also get to meet fellow travellers who are also trying to earn a few euros or quid along the way. Some farms and fruit-growing businesses do offer great working conditions. Some even offer free accommodation to make up for the low pay, and most pay cash under the table, meaning they save money while paying you a little more. This is a wide selection of farm and seasonal work all over the world.

Whatever you choose to do, working while travelling can be a rewarding and educational experience.

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