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Looking For Something Different? Try These 4 Unusual Holidays in Italy

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Any regular traveller to Italy, has likely already seen Rome and its famous monuments, Pisa and its Leaning Tower and Venice with its canals and more. Letís face it, you want to do something different next time. For something different on your next Italian holiday, we have picked four less usual holiday suggestions to enjoy. Letís look into trekking through Sardinia on a donkey, experiencing the Italian leg of the famous Grand Prix and taking a history tour of beautiful Sicily. Alternatively, head up to the Italian Alps for a walking and cooking tour.

Italian Alps

1. Trekking with donkeys in Sardinia

Act like a local in unspoiled Sardinia, while trekking alongside the donkeys through untouched nature. You will head through lush Mediterranean vegetation, oak forests, past rivers and waterfalls, on the highest mountains of the island. Along the way, spot the wild life of Sardinia, including stags, wild boars, birds of prey, horses and big horn sheep.

Donkey tour of the island of Sardinia, Italy

You will also meet up with the shepherds and local inhabitants of small villages along the way, while enjoying a true immersive experience. Sleep in traditional farmhouses, or small, family hotels, while also visiting open-air museums, caves, ruins and ancient rocks from the Jurassic era.

2. Grand Prix driving tour

Formula One racing fans will truly appreciate a Grand Prix driving tour, heading through Monaco, France, Austria and Italy, to experience the European rounds of the Formula One World Championship. Along the way, stay in some of the best 4- or 5-star hotels, while driving in convoy from location to location on some of Europe's best roads.

Italian Grand Prix Driving Tour

The leg of the Italian Grand Prix driving experience takes you to beautiful Lake Maggiore and Genoa. Head to the Monza Circuit, where you will receive two grandstand tickets, secure parking and the best views of the track.

3. Sicily History Tour

You may have visited Sicily before and seen some of the famous archeological sites. If this tweaked your interest to learn more of the islandís history, take a tour dedicated to just that. Sicilyís history has been influenced by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabian and Norman people, giving a wide range of interesting history to learn, while touring Agrigento, Selinunte and Soracisa, while enjoying views of the smouldering Mount Etna along the way.

Greek Ruins in Sicily, Italy

Among the gorgeous scenery, explore the archaeological treasures of the past, while visiting the traditional communities of the island. Along the way, enjoy the delicious seasonal food and regional delicacies of Sicily, washed down by classic Sicilian red wines.

Cooking holiday in the Italian Alps

Enjoy all those fabulous mountain views, while learning to cook some of the most delicious local dishes! Stay in a charming bed & breakfast in Piedmont on the Italian and French border. Here, spend your days enjoying a walking tour of the quaint local villages, while sampling and purchasing the seasonal ingredients of the local cuisine.

Charming Piedmont in Italy

Experience a cooking class that gives you a hands-on approach to making some of the most delicious Piedmontese specialties, using the ingredients bought on your walking tour, mixed with items from an organic garden. The best part of the lesson is enjoying the resulting dinner, paired with local wines.

Cooking tour of the Italian Alps

We hope this has inspired you to try out something different on a tour of Italy in 2022!

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