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4 Of The Best Places To Study In Europe In English

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There is nothing quite like travelling overseas to broaden the mind and studying in a foreign country is a rewarding experience indeed. There are many universities offering education to foreign students and many allow these students to study in English.

Below are four of the best places to study abroad in English in an exciting and vibrant environment, while making new friends from all over Europe.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The capital of the Netherlands has a rich culture, is tolerant towards othersí beliefs and the people there are very open to people from all over the world. Almost everyone in Amsterdam speaks English and the city is the educational centre of the Netherlands. One of the top options to study for a degree in Amsterdam is the University of Amsterdam (UvA).
University of Amsterdam
Image: Guilhem Vellut/Flickr

UvA is located right in the heart of the vibrant city and is an international research university, consistently ranked as one of the best universities in Europe. The university has more than 150 degree programmes taught in English and also 20 summer programmes available to prospective students. 

2. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden
Image: Kabelleger / David Gubler/Wikimedia

The Swedish are well-known for their friendly, outgoing nature and proficiency in speaking English. According to statistics, students from more than 60 countries head to Stockholm universities to further their education and get their desired degree. Excellent government-supported research leads to an equally excellent education in the city and entertainment in Stockholm is among some of the best in Europe, giving a nice balance to studentsí stays there.

Among the best English language degree courses are taught at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the InnoEnergy Masterís School.

3. Paris, France

France offers many opportunities to study in either English or French. Major cities like Paris offer great options for further education, but it should be borne in mind that should you choose a location outside of the major cities, a knowledge of French will definitely be of assistance.
Ecole Technique, Paris
Image: Mbzt/Wikimedia

4. Aalborg, Denmark

Like the Swedish, most Danes have a pretty good knowledge of English, making it easier to communicate in the city. Aalborg maintains a high level of living and many successful European businesses open up branches there. The city offers around 113 different degree courses and Aalborg University is an excellent choice.
Aalborg University, Denmark
Image: Nordjylland/Wikimedia

The educational and research institution attracts many international students and offers a wide range of academic fields of study, with everything from Engineering and Technology and Social Sciences, right through to Arts, Design and Architecture. Those wishing to work in travel can study in the Hospitality, Leisure and Sports field and many scientific studies are available.

The opportunity exists to explore all the options available by visiting your nearest educational fair to talk to representatives about potential universities for studying abroad. 


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