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3 unique experiences for a holiday in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is an up-and-coming holiday destination, offering beautiful scenery, fascinating cities and villages and many popular attractions. The country also has its unique side, with a number of intriguing locations to visit, three of which are listed below.Black Sea, Bulgaria

1. Devilís Bridge (Dyavolski Bridge)

This remarkable piece of architecture was built between 1515 and 1518 close to the town of Ardino and is named "Dyavolski" or Devilís Bridge. The structure was declared a cultural monument in Bulgaria in 1984. This is the most stunning of several humpbacked bridges spanning the Arda River and was built over an original Roman bridge. The Devilís Bridge heads from the slopes of the Rhodope Mountains on an ancient road which links the Northern Thracian Valley to the Aegean Sea.
Devil's Bridge, Bulgaria
Photo Devil's Bridge by Evgeni Dinev on Wikimedia Commons

To make it even more unique, the bridge features a water fountain, built in the shape of the bridge itself. The Devilís Bridge spans 185 ft across the river, is 11.5 ft in width, while the almost gravity-defying centre arch standing at 37.7 ft in height. A number of interior arches were included so as to monitor the level of the water.

While this is an impressive piece of architecture well worth viewing and photographing, several eerie legends stop the locals from crossing the bridge at night. One states that the wife of the main builder died during its construction and that her shadow is trapped in the bridge. Another, relating to the bridgeís name, states that the devilís footprint is hidden among the rocks of the bridge. While these are merely legends, the bridge does look somewhat eerie when viewed in the dark..

2. The Eyes of God

Going to the other end of the religious scale, the Eyes of God are a natural rock phenomenon in Prohodna Cave in the Iskar Gorge. While you gaze at the sky from inside the cave, the deity-size eyes gaze back at you.
The Eyes of God - Prohodna Cave, Iskar Gorge
Photo The Eyes of God by Todor Petkov on Flickr

One of many unique attractions of Bulgaria, the Eyes of God are in the middle chamber of a cave which measures 262 m in length and illuminate the interior very well. Both holes are remarkably similar in shape and size, giving the impression of eyes, but they were caused by natural erosion in the rock. Erosion continues, as can be seen during rainy weather, when water runs down the walls of the cave, giving the appearance of crying eyes. However, it should be noted that some locals call them the Eyes of the Devil instead.

3. The Transfiguration Monastery

This 19th-century monastery is located to the north of Veliko Tarnovo. A former monastery on this spot was destroyed by the Ottoman conquerors and the new one was built in 1825. The monastery is unique for its beautiful, colorful murals and paintings created by Zahari Zograf. While they are bright and pretty to view, the subject matter is a little dark, with some paintings revealing the Devil attacking sinners and others reflecting the Wheel of Life.
The Transfiguration Monastery
Photo The Transfiguration Monastery by maya_alis on Wikimedia Commons

The Transconfiguration Monastery is not, as a rule, open to the public, but a visit to the nearby convent will usually allow a member of the convent to open the monastery so that you can view inside.
The Transfiguration Monastery
Photo The Transfiguration Monastery by eola on Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy an alternative visit to Bulgaria to view these and other unique attractions of this newly popular destination and make the memories of a lifetime.

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