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Germany Travel Guide
A Travel Guide for Cologne  by Dan Oldfield
Cologne is the four most populated cities in Germany. These days the city is a beautiful cultured destination with great leisure facilities, pubs and shops. However, during WWII, Cologne was heavily bombed and damaged. After years of restoration work it has been rebuilt to portray the wonderful historic Roman city it use to be...
An Overview of Germany for Travelers   by Richard Monk
Germany has experienced a tumultuous history: starting a World War, being divided into two countries and much more. If you are planning a trip, here is some background information you should know....
Berlin: Facts and Attractions   by Marian K.
Berlin is the largest city in Germany and has a population of 3.4 million. Its urban landscape and historical legacy attracts a wide range of tourists of different age groups and from different countries, all seeking different experiences....
Frankfurt: the Manhattan of Europe  by Daniel Collins
With the largest population of any other member state in the European Union and the third largest economy by GDP in the world, it's probably fair to say that Germany is up there with only a handful of other nations as one of the world's true superpowers....
Hamburg Travel Tips  by Alfred Patrick
Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. It is located a hundred of kilometers away from the banks of the River Elbe. The city is densely populated with more than a million and a half inhabitants and its metropolitan area has over four million inhabitants....
Hospitality and Heidelberg Hotels   by Nancy Eben
Being one of the best German Holiday destinations, Heidelberg is situated in the Neckar river valley. Since Heidelberg has the best university of Germany, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität or Ruperto Carola, the place all through the year attracts number of scholars and students from all over the world....
Travel To Berlin: A Cultural Evolution   by Frank Johnson
It is difficult to think of a modern industrialized city that has been through quite as much upheaval and stress in recent times as Berlin...
"München Liebt Dich" And You Will Love It, Too - Travel To Munich   by Frank Johnson
The city's new motto, "Munich Loves You," may be a bit commercial, but it is exactly how you will feel from the very moment you find your bags at the airport. It is also not overeagerly presumptuous to say that whoever you are, this Bavarian capital will have you head-over-heels enamored with some or all parts of its eclectic mish-mosh of cultures. There is absolutely something for everyone when you travel to Munich...
Travel To Germany: The Pulse Of European History   by Frank Johnson
Germany has long been a mover and shaker of European history, creating waves in time for the rest of the continent to ride out. From Charlemagne and Otto von Bismarck to Nazism and the Cold War, Germany has become the epicenter of cutting-edge culture and music, and centuries of tradition and fine arts. The juxtaposition of medieval towns against ultra-modern industrialism is a fascinating reality to experience....
Visit Stuttgart to discover a city of easy contrast
Stuttgart is not a destination which many people would immediately think of as a getaway, but the city has a lot to offer all types of visitors.  Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Würtemberg and is beautifully positioned at the edge of the Black Forest; and as one of Germany's leading industrial cities, it is a hive for both holiday and business travelers from around the world....
Warm Hospitality of Hotels in Dusseldorf  by Nancy Eben
Located on the banks of Rhine River, Dusseldorf is one the most gracious towns of Germany. With all the exciting places closely located, the city of Dusseldorf is a very good place to visit during one’s vacation to Germany. After shopping on the streets of Konigsallee you can take pleasure in the beauty of Altstadt which is a primordial district of the city....


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