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Travel Guide to Europe - Estonia, Finland and France Travel Guides
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Estonia Travel Guide
Estonia Travel Guide - The Best Natural Estonia Attractions   by Isabella Olsen
Estonia is the smallest of the Baltic countries. Still, the country offers spectacular scenery, particularly magnificent castles, a picturesque countryside and charming seaside town. The best Estonia attractions, though, are its natural wonders, which make Estonia one of the best travel destinations for nature lovers...
Travel to Tallinn, Estonia  by TJ Tierney
Estonia is a lowland country situated in North Eastern Europe. It borders on the Baltic Sea, and the gulf of Finland in the north, Latvia to the south and Russia in the east. Estonia has a flat, unharmed landscape with more than one thousand lakes and has over seven thousand rivers and streams. Nearly half of its landscape is covered by woodland and forest....
Finland Travel Guide
A Guide to Lapland  by Beth Wakelam
Many people don't travel to Lapland as it is not the easiest place to get to as you first have to fly to Stockholm where you can get an internal flight to a closer destination...
Finnish sauna experiences: Living in Finland and enjoying the culture  by Paul Symonds
Travelling to Finland whether for a weekend or a week long holiday or vacation is something would recommend, if you are looking for somewhere new to visit and if you are interested in sauna. I became interested in sauna and my experiences of living in Finland...
Visit Helsinki and take in the Finnish capital's amazing cultural scene   by Martin McAllister
As the capital of Finland, Helsinki offers countless ways to spend your holiday: it is, for instance, a centre of artistic culture in Scandinavia, with a number of museums and galleries to visit. It also affords various settings for visitors to enjoy; from a remarkable cityscape to natural parks and preserves....
France Travel Guide
A Ski Holiday in La Rosière, France
Feeling like getting away and hitting the slopes?  La Rosière is a great ski resort and perfect for your needs. Located in the territory of the commune of Montvalezan, in the Savoie department, at 1850 metres above sea level, La Rosière faces South with fine views across the valley to nearby Les Arcs... 
Another Favourite Place In France is Bordeaux   by enRico Nestler
To see the power of real wealth throughout history and to enjoy a great vacation the place to visit is Bordeaux in South Western France. Located some 360 miles south-west of Paris on the Garonne River, the port of Bordeaux, capital of Aquitaine, is one of the world's most important wine-producing areas. 
An Overview of France for Travelers   by Richard Monk
Throughout history, France has always played a pivotal role in Europe. From Art to Politics to Architecture, it is a fascinating place. Here is some background information to consider before your trip...
Cannes Film Festival 2007 - A Different Perspective   by Adrien Balasko
Cannes 60th Film Festival has drawn to a close, and people are going back home. The list of people as usual includes big movie stars, directors, producers, journalists, photographers and paparazzi, movie enthusiasts and thousands and thousands of tourists who planned their vacation around this BIG Occasion ...
Enjoy the City of Light at a Paris Vacation Rental
Paris, also nicknamed "The City of Light", is the cosmopolitan capital of France and one of the most emblematic cities in Europe. With 2.2 million people living in Central Paris (some 10 million people live in the suburbs), it is one of the largest cities in Western Europe....
Fancy a Short Break to Calais? Why Not Jump on a Ferry to France
With Calais just 35km from England its a wonderful place to visit for day, a quick break or even longer, with easy access across the Channel via the many ferry operators and Euro tunnel you can be there in under an hour. Calais is more than just a day trippers destination...
I Love French Wine and Food - An Alsace Pinot Noir   by Levi Reiss
If you are looking for fine French wine and food, consider the Alsace region of northeastern France. You may find a bargain, and I hope that you'll have fun on this fact-filled wine education tour in which we review a local red Pinot Noir wine...
I Love Touring Paris - The First Arrondissement
The first arrondissement lies in the heart of Paris on the Seine River's right bank. It includes the western part of Ile de La Cité, one of the two Parisian islands. This district was once the heart of the Roman city of Lutetia....
Loire Valley - the Garden of France   by Luke White
The Loire Valley is the third most popular tourist destination in France. So how do you make the most of your visit - and how do you avoid the crowds?  The Loire Valley is a very special part of France. It boasts a landscape of natural beauty, featuring some of the most perfectly preserved mediaeval and renaissance period towns, villages and châteaux the world has to offer...
Ouí Paree! - Travel To Paris   by Frank Johnson
Not only is it the capital of France, Paris has accumulated a laundry list throughout history of self-proclaimed and well-worn titles that place Parisians in a class of their own....
Treat Yourself And Travel To France   by Frank Johnson
No country embodies the grandeur of European travel quite like France. From the international artistic reputation of Cannes to the luxurious leisure of the Riviera, France has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to overcome a tumultuous history by enriching the quality of life with those experiences. The diversity of the country will leave you stimulated, satiated and asking for more when you finally treat yourself and travel to France...


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