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Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Guide
Bosnia & 
Visiting Sarajevo   by D.K.
Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the lively city of 400.00 people nested in the valley called Sarajevo field, surrounded by Dinaric Alps and split by Miljacka River.....
Cyprus Travel Guide
Cyprus travel - Off the beaten path
While most people visit Cyprus for those gorgeous sandy beaches and the opportunity to lie in the sun, there is so much more to this fascinating country.  Getting away from the main tourist attractions like the cities of Paphos and Limassol, some fascinating destinations offer so much more to the tourist, including finding out more about the country, its inhabitants and their history....
Enjoy a Holiday or Vacation at the Cyprus Resort of Ayia Napa   by George Georgiou
The popular tourist resort of Ayia Napa is at the far eastern end of the south coast of the island of Cyprus. It is famous for its sandy beaches. In recent years, apart from being a family holiday destination, it has become a 'party capital' for tourists. Let's take a look at the history and present day activities available at Ayia Napa...
Experience Culture, History, and Nature at Larnaca   by Isla Campbell
When planning a holiday, many people might seek one prominent aspect to their getaway - such as pristine beaches, cultural attractions, or perhaps a bustling nightlife. However, if you're looking for an ideal mix of culture, nature and history then Larnaca just might be the perfect holiday destination for you...
Exploring Ancient Cyprus   by Seb Jay
The Eastern Mediterranean is a hotbed of human history. From Troy and her famous citizens to the vast Roman Empire that conquered the region with such panache, many thousands of years of human drama have unfolded in this small corner of the world. The island of Cyprus is no exception. Great temples, ancient cities and magnificent residences merge to provide a collage of life on Cyprus that stretches back more than 10,000 years....
Flowers Of North Cyprus   by Rolf Ken
Northern Cyprus is awash with an unusual array of colourful blooms unique to this area, which adds to the feeling that you really are truly entering paradise every time you step into this perfect part of an all-round perfect mediterranean island....
Kyrenia: The Jewel of Northern Cyprus   by Rhiannon Williamson
With 340 days of sunshine a year and the perfect Mediterranean climate it's no wonder thousands of visitors flock to Cyprus every year to escape the sometimes less forgiving Northern European climate.  Northern Cyprus has all of the prerequisites for the perfect summer break: sun…lots of!  Beautiful sandy beaches, warm turquoise blue waters to bathe in and a sumptuous mix of the best of Eastern and Western cuisine...
Paphos, Cyprus: the Perfect Family Getaway Destination   by Isla Campbell
As cultural family getaways go, there are countless destinations to choose from - ranging from beach tropical settings to city locales. However, an increasing number of families are in search of holiday destinations that are slightly "off the beaten path"....
Sample a diversity of cultures on a fascinating island of Cyprus    by Michael Hanna
Cyprus is indeed a stepping stone to three continents. Whether you are looking for holiday packed with activities, historical sights, sunbathing, partying or exploring, Cyprus has it all. Its array of assets makes it a perfect destination for the independent traveller...
Czech Republic Travel Guide
Head on a Tour of Discovery in Prague   by Adam Singleton
For many people, there's no way to get to know a new city better than simply immersing yourself in it; heading out for walks, exploring all the nooks and crannies you might traditionally ignore and enjoying being surrounded by the local atmosphere of the city's inhabitants....
Denmark Travel Guide
Copenhagen Offers You a Warm Reception   by Soobash Badal
Denmark can look different from the other European destinations as it is a quiet place unlike the hustle and bustle of the other European destinations....
Plan your vacation to Denmark and experience the "Year of the Renaissance"   by Charles Brown
... Denmark, for example, the country that brought us those ubiquitous plastic toys, Legos; has designated the entire year of 2006 to be "The Year of the Renaissance..." 
Tivoli Gardens   by Nedko Kolev
One of Copenhagen's most famous tourist attractions, the Tivoli Gardens opened in 1843. This highly popular entertainment park combines all the fun of fairground rides with fountains and fireworks, concerts and ballets, top-quality restaurants and fast-food outlets....


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