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Visit Stuttgart to discover a city of easy contrast   by Jack Mack

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Stuttgart is not a destination which many people would immediately think of as a getaway, but the city has a lot to offer all types of visitors.

Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Würtemberg and is beautifully positioned at the edge of the Black Forest; and as one of Germany's leading industrial cities, it is a hive for both holiday and business travelers from around the world.

With a friendly atmosphere and easy hospitality, the charms of this city do not always unfold immediately to visitors; instead, they sometimes need to be sought out or looked up through tourist information before they will offer their full reward. A good starting point for any visit is the restaurant on top of the TV tower; while slightly pricey, it provides a great view of the city and the Neckar valley.

Stuttgart is enclosed by hills on three sides of the city, while the fourth side opens up toward its river harbor. Notable attractions include the nearby four castles and the famous Weissenhof estate, and it is a mecca for car fanatics. As the home of the Porsche and Mercedes Benz car companies, it is not surprising that the Mercedes Benz and Porsche museums act as focal points for petrol heads.

Food and drink also usually feature heavily in any visit to Stuttgart. The city is dotted with a multitude of restaurants and cafes offering local or international cuisine and beautiful views of the city, alongside all types of nightclubs, discos, bars, and pubs encompassing various themes and providing something for all different clientele.
The region in which Stuttgart is situated also has a long history of winegrowing, and for the last 800 years, winegrowers have been permitted to serve their wine in their own private households. This leads to a relaxed atmosphere where home made wine and food can be consumed in comfortable surroundings while hanging out with the locals. The many great wines which are made here have international appeal, and the region's long tradition can be seen by taking the wine hiking trails which are carefully documented in the winemaking museum or directly experienced in the various seasonal wine rooms and taverns.

Finding accommodation to stay in and around Stuttgart is easy, as there are many great quality B&Bs, hostels and hotels available, including a lavish new Hilton Garden Inn which has just opened near to the Mercedes museum.

For visitors looking for a touch of peace and tranquility, the many wide ranging parks across the city offer an ideal chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. The city is renowned for its range of boutiques, exclusive stores, and shopping malls which have something to offer even the most hardened of shoppers. A stroll through the busy Koenigstrasse pedestrian zone is a must for any power shopper, while lesser shoppers will still find themselves enticed by their fabulous range of products available, making it very difficult to leave empty handed.

Walking around Stuttgart is a great way to see the sights, and many urban trekkers may like to walk through the Rosensteingarten and up to the Killesberg for a fabulous view. Specific walks have been set up around the city, starting at either the central train station or the Altes Schloss, and are highlighted by yellow sign posts which point out modern and historical areas of interest.

Business, pleasure, shopping or resting, Stuttgart has something for everyone.


Visit Germany - German Accommodation - Stuttgart Hotels - Return to Travel Guide

By Jack Mack


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