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Cantabria Holidays - Santander Tourist Attractions   by Steve Greenwood
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The Picos de Europa (literally: "Peaks of Europe") is a range of mountains some 20 km inland from the northern coast of Spain, located in the Autonomous Communities of Asturias, Cantabria and Castile and León, forming part of the Cantabrian Mountains. The most widely-accepted origin for the name is that they were the first sight of Europe for the ships arriving from America.

Cantabrian brown bears (Ursus arctos pyrenaicus), Iberian lynxes (Lynx pardinus) and wolves (Canis lupus signatus) live in the remoter regions. Rebeccos (Cantabrian chamois - Rupicapra pyrenaica parva) are fairly frequently seen (according to a 2006 Ministry of the Environment report, there were around 8,000 that year); Choughs and Buzzards are common and there is a diverse butterfly population in the park.  Most of the region is now protected as a single Picos de  National Park in Cantabria, Asturias and León provinces of Spain; the Asturian part was Spain's first National Park. Access is via minor roads to each of the three massifs from the north and from the south to the aerial tramway at Fuente Dé and to Caín at the head of the Cares Canyon.

The Picos De Europa Near Potes, Cantabria, Spain

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Parador de Fuente De
This modern mountain refuge located on the foothills of the Picos de Europa and opening onto the fertile Liébana valley, shows nature in total freedom. It is surrounded by the dramatic slopes of the Picos de Europa, woods and hillsides, in a region which is split into modest hamlets. The building is located at the bottom of the cable car which goes up to the Áliva viewpoint, at a privileged meeting point for lovers of outdoor activities. The classical mountain style and the warm wood and leather furniture recreate the much-appreciated home warmth...
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Search for more hotels in the Cantabrian Mountains
Parador de Limpias (Cantabria)
The new Parador in Limpias is located in the Palace of Eguilior estate, which was the summer headquarters of King Alfonso XIII's Council. The palace belonged to Don Manuel de Eguilior, the Count of Albox, and is attributed to the architect Emilio de la Torriente.  Rooms are large in size, decorated in a classical way, not forgetting any details of modern facilities.  Restaurant is well decorated in a classical style.  Dishes such as marmita de bonito (stew made with bonito tuna) cocido montanes (traditional white bean and pork sausage stew), other white and red bean stews, plus a variety of cheeses, and sweets such as the famous Corbatas de Unquera, sobaos pasiegos, or Pantortillas de Reinosa are just a few of the delights diners will enjoy.  The palace is a large square building with four pseudo-towers at each corner, none of which is very high.
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Search for more hotels in the Cantabrian Mountains
Molino del Alto Ebro - Apartments - Polientes
El Molino del Alto Ebro (The High Ebro Mill) is a solitary 16th century building which has survived to our days thanks to its oak and carved stone construction. It has been renovated respecting the original structure as far as possible but also installing all the latest comforts which modern technology offers.  In the Molino del Alto Ebro you will be able to choose from a long and varied menu based on local products; our own baking and a well-chosen wine cellar : all of this in our large recently reconditioned dining–room to afford the maximum comfort for our guest. In an area of over 1,100 square metres, 7 spacious apartments of one, two and three floors have all the commodities a visitor could wish for with complete independence.
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