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A Brief Guide To Mojacar  by Joan Thompson

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Mojacar is a coastal town in Spain's Costa Almeria. The town is actually composed of two parts - the town area which sites on a rocky hillside looking over the sea and the beach area that lies below. The town dates back for centuries and it is still possible to see the cultural and historical influences of former residents including the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans and Moors in culture, architecture and history.

Primary sights in the town include the Moorish fountain (La Fuente Mora), the Old City Gate (Puerta del la Almedina), the Church of Santa Maria (La Iglesia de Santa Maria) and the Old Customs House (Casa del Torreon).

The fountain has been a water source since Roman days and is still used by locals -- visitors can read a history of the town which is written on the walls. The church is interesting because it was originally a fortress in the 14th century. And, a visit to the city gate and the customs house shows where people used to enter the town and where they had to pay to get in!

Around Mojacar

Mojacar lies in the Costa Almeria -- one of Spain's most unspoilt regions. There is a true diversity of landscape, history, culture and activities here. A visit to the Cabo de Gata and Tabernas Desert parks show the different landscapes to best effect. Visitors to the region can enjoy the coastline, beaches, fishing villages, towns, mountains and desert.

There is a lot to do in the area. Nature lovers can walk, hike and climb. Sports enthusiasts can take on water sports, go horse-riding and enjoy a variety of golf courses. And, of course, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sunny Spanish weather and to relax on sandy beaches and coves all over the coast. For this reason the Costa Almeria -- and especially Mojacar -- is a popular place to find Spanish property for sale.

Property in Mojacar

The boost in Costa Almeria property for sale is very evident in Mojacar. Until the 1960s the local population was declining as a lot of people were moving to different areas to find different work. The local government in the 1960s decided to offer free land in Mojacar to people who would build on it which reversed the population decline and saw an influx of foreign property buyers and builders.

This building initiative saw a surge in available properties and stabilised the movements of the local population. This resulted in a steady stream of Mojacar apartments for sale which carries on to this day. The expat community here is well-established and is completely integrated into local society -- estimates show that around half of local properties here are owned by foreign nationals. Some have chosen Mojacar apartments for sale for relocation and others use them as a holiday home and/or source of income.


Mojacar and the Costa Almeria are ideal locations for foreign nationals looking to buy property in Spain.


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About the author:  Joan Thompson


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