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Five most romantic haunts in the Polish royal city of Krakow by MARK BIERNAT

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The Polish people and the Polish language are romantic. Krakow is the romantic city of the the Polish people and in my opinion the most romantic city in the world. If you are traveling with your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife, Krakow is the place to be, for more reasons then I explain in this article. Krakow is a magical romantic mediaeval Polish city. Krakow’s meandering streets were almost design for romantic walks, flowing like rivers and streams though the city rather than traditional linear girds. Here are five romantic ideas for this magical Polish city.

1) Wawel and the city walls. Wawel (pronounced vavel in Polish) sits on a limestone hill south of the Old Town, the site of the Royal Castle and the cathedral. Just stand at the top and you can get a great panoramic view of the city and the river. Even see a dragon breath real fire, a Polish legend you will have to read about.

The Wawel was the center of power for hundreds of years in Europe and the Polish sphere of influence extended from Moscow to Berlin (actually a city establish by early Poles). It was where the Polish kings were crowned and married. Today on any Saturday you will see beautiful Polish brides being married in the church of this castle.

Remember Krakow was a medieval city; therefore, it was a walled city. Although most of the city walls were dismantled there are traces left. The walk around the city is actually a beautiful circular park, these walls and countless historic sties along this “royal way”.

2) Kazimierz - South of Wawel; the Polish Jewish quarter. In Kazimierz the Polish Jewish population peacefully resided for hundreds of year. It actually started as a separate city and was incorporated into Krakow later. The pubs in the center of Krakow are frequented by the tourists. The pubs in Kazimierz are where the Krakowians go. It is the Greenwich Village of Krakow, artsy and trendy. The nexus is Alchemista which is a club with no lights, only candles.

3) Walk along the Wisla (pronounced Veeszwa in Polish) - This is a walk for all seasons. Most of the people walking along this river are hand in hand. Along the walkway are numerous views, trees and benches, and four magnificent bridges. However, the best spot is simply sitting along the river’s grassy slopes and watching the sunset. The Wisla winds around the city of Krakow, separating Kazimierz from Podgorzse. Many people do not know that that Wisla actually flowed directly though the center of Krakow in the last century; however, Polish engineers moved the river so as not to risk damage to the old town in case of flooding. Near Hala Targowa you can still see bridge which crossed the river’s old path.

4) Las Wolski . In this forest you can find countless trails to saunter through. You will see people picking famous wild Polish mushrooms, there is a zoo and for those who have a little more endurance deep in the forest the Kamedulków monetary. The monetary is unique not only because of its amazing tranquility and peace, it truly is a sacred place, but it was another interesting feature. In a room near the entrance if you whisper something on the other side of the room someone will hear you loud and clear. Its whispering walls will surprise the un-expecting.

5) Dominican church-Although not romantic in the Cosmo sense, this church is an amazing example of gothic architecture. It is a church from another time and place. It is connected to a monetary near by. The church has magnificent spirals and designs. However, if you want a look around be aware that during mass times it is standing room only and out the door. The Monks and priests in this community are legendary for their wisdom and sense of humor.


Visit Poland  - Poland Accommodation

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About the Author - Mark Biernat is an American living in Krakow. He writes language learning software where you can download a language directly to your brain! Learn Polish French, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian and other languages in an innovative way. http://www.claritaslux.com. Mark also has a free Polish grammar site where you can learn Polish grammar. http:// www.polishgrammar.com

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