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The Joy Of Riding A Bike In Amsterdam   by Richard Smith

Amsterdam is famous for its bikes, as well as its museums and other entertainment such as the coffeeshops and the red light district.

Amsterdam welcomes several million visitors per year to its primary attractions. Located on the north-west tip of Central Europe, Amsterdam is known for its liberal atmosphere, top attractions and frenetic nightlife.

Amsterdam also has an extensive cycle network. Unlike many other cities, there is not simply a token sprinkling of the odd two foot wide bicycle path here and there -- in Amsterdam, bike paths can be found absolutely everywhere are at least four foot wide.

Furthermore, they are truly segregated from other traffic. Bike paths are denoted in a tan colour and are usually separated from the roads by a concrete riser or some other divider.

In areas where there are no bikes, the bike still rules. Pedestrians beware and keep your eyes and ears open for bikes. They can (unofficially) flout the laws and go down the roads the wrong way and cut across several lanes -- whatever it takes to ensure that their riders can take the shortest possible route from A to B. Make no mistake, the bike is the fastest way around town.

Best of all, you don't need a fancy bike to make the most of bike riding in Amsterdam. Because Amsterdam is so flat, the typical Dutch bike may only have three gears, or even just one! It will be a typical curved handlebars style bike with a bell and requiring low maintenance. As a visitor, you can hire one for as little as ten Euros per day.

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About the Author - To discover more about bike riding in Amsterdam and more, visit Amsterdam Review.


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