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Travel & Accommodation Guide to Europe - Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts - Holiday Rentals

Choose your ideal accommodation throughout Western, Northern and Central Europe, including bed & breakfasts, self-catering villas & apartments & hotels. 

Introducing: A selection of hotels and self-catering / holiday rental options in Eastern Europe.
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The Pousadas of Portugal and the Paradores of Spain ... often situated in historic buildings - such as former Palaces, Castles, Monasteries, Convents, Hospitals and other converted buildings, and also in more modern buildings.  All offer the same high quality and comfortable accommodation - and also delightful local cuisine.  Imagine spending the night in a castle, or enjoying breakfast in the cloister or courtyard of a monastery.  Sit down to a delicious traditional meal in the dining room of a Palace!  Enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool whilst gazing at wonderful surrounding landscapes. It's all possible, and at very affordable prices too.
Choose your ideal destination from the menus above and read interesting travel guides prior to your holidays including our featured reading below.
Featured travel reading - Plan your next holiday in Europe
Best golf resorts in EuropeChoose from three of the finest European golf resorts
Europe in general is a great golfing destination with many excellent golf courses on offer, often situated in astoundingly beautiful scenery. For those wishing to enjoy a golf holiday, there are also some top golf resorts to choose from, giving the best in luxurious accommodations together with access to some of the finest courses in the world... read more
Future Maunsell HotelLuxurious upcoming accommodation in the UK - Red Sands Fort & Maunsell Hotel
For those with the necessary wherewithal, luxury travel in the UK can be a marvelous thing. Whether it’s staying in a beautiful manor house or castle surrounded by impeccable gardens or in a luxurious hotel or resort, there is plenty on offer. If looking for something really unusual in the way of luxury, there is a great new possibility on the horizon... read more
St Valentine's skull, RomeSample some alternative and unusual sights of Rome, Italy
If the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Vatican are all a “been there, done that” type of situation but you still want to visit Rome, there are some exciting alternative sights to see in this historic and fascinating city. From saints' skulls to ancient optical illusions, you are literally spoiled for choice... read more
Affordable holiday destinationsHoliday destinations that won’t break the budget
These days many people are pressed for cash, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a relaxing and pleasant holiday. There are many great destinations in this world where you and the family can enjoy yourselves without breaking the bank and the following are just a few suggestions, both in Europe and farther afield... read more
La Cala de MijasDining delights in La Cala de Mijas on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain
Perfect for a Costa del Sol holiday, La Cala de Mijas in Mijas Costa is a rather quieter and more traditionally Spanish destination with a pretty beach, several shops and many places to eat... read more
Cruise linerThe benefits of taking a relaxing sea cruise around Europe
What could be better than a leisurely sea cruise around Europe? Imagine relaxing on deck, sipping a cocktail, as the ship takes you from one fascinating destination to the next... read more
Phrase booksWhen travelling the world, some things just don't translate 
In the old days, most people were lucky to enjoy a holiday at their nearest seaside resort town.  They never dreamed of actually crossing borders into foreign lands, unless they were exceptionally rich, of course... read more
Log cabin with hot tubUnusual and fun accommodation options in the United Kingdom
Youve stayed in hotels and bed & breakfasts, the family has tried camping and normal self-catering options, and now you are ready for something completely different. Whatever floats your boat, the following unusual accommodation options will make for a really fun holiday break... read more
Croatia cruiseHoliday Ideas for Singles
Many people are single (and proud to be) and while they are on their own, they still like to go away on holiday, have a break and enjoy a little relaxation.... read more
Costa del SolThere's loads of fun to be had on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain
When traveling the coastal highway from Málaga all the way through to Estepona and beyond, there are many great stopping off points, all with those endless golden sandy beaches, but also with several great attractions for the holidaymaker... read more
Vie CaveOff the beaten track in Tuscany, Italy
Most tourists stick to the beaten path, visiting the major and popular destinations throughout beautiful Tuscany, and theres nothing wrong with that.  However, if you are at the been there, done that stage, here are a couple of tips to take you a little off that beaten track and into some surprising adventures... read more
The CotswoldsHolidays in The Cotswolds of south central England
The Cotswolds is a beautifully scenic area in south central England, officially designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty" (AONB) back in 1966.Spreading over a series of rolling hillsides in the Cotswolds Hills, all the way down an escarpment called the Cotswold Edge, the area offers lovely scenery, an area of lakes and a series of quaint and beautiful towns and villages along the way... read more
St MoritzThree of the best luxury ski destinations in Europe
With winter heading its way to northern climes, now is a good time to plan a luxury skiing holiday and what better place to visit than one of these magnificent ski resorts in Europe. Wrap up warm, grab a glass of mulled wine and get planning... read more
Baden Baden CasinoTop Casinos to Visit in Germany
With its beautiful landscape and numerous points of interest, Germany is sure to please; the history of Germany is a lengthy one with reminders of this all over the country... read more
Group accommodationGreat U.K. Accommodation for Family Getaways
Occasionally we feel the need to travel away with the entire family, including the kids, aunts, uncles, granny, grandpa, cousins and all.  Staying in a hotel would be awkward, not only when trying to get enough rooms to accommodate everyone, but also the logistics of having enough beds in one room... read more
ObanThings to see and do in charming Oban, Scotland
Popular during the summer months, the town is located in a scenic setting in the Firth of Lorn and sits on an almost perfect horseshoe of a bay, protected by Kerrera Island, and further out, the Isle of Mull... read more
Best scenic destinations in the United Kingdom
The United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, has much to offer to the traveler.  From the south of England up to the highlands of Scotland and everywhere in between, a myriad of locations attract visitors, whether local or from foreign lands... read more
Oia, SantoriniBest locations in Greece for a villa holiday: Santorini Island
Greece offers many great experiences for the holiday maker.  Whether on a sun-drenched island, a quiet beach or in a major modern and bustling city, there is so much to choose from, offering a different experience every time you visit the country... read more
CyprusCyprus travel - Off the beaten path
While most people visit Cyprus for those gorgeous sandy beaches and the opportunity to lie in the sun, there is so much more to this fascinating country - let's get off the beaten track ... read more
Quirky Accommodation Options in the UK
Ever had that been there, done that sort of feeling.  Youve stayed in various star rated hotels and resorts, tried the B&B experience, rented short-term self-catering apartments, even camped rough, but you are now in the mood for something different for the next holiday break ... read more
The single person's guide to European holidays
As a single person, it can sometimes be a little nerve wrenching to go on holiday alone.  Maybe you just broke up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, or possibly you are considering meeting someone new.  You might even just prefer to go solo.... read more.
Holidays on the sunny Mediterranean sea
Now is a great time to start planning your next holiday, and where better than somewhere on the beautiful and sunny Mediterranean coast? The Med gives you a choice of stunning locations to choose from, all with warm sunshine, sandy beaches, and delightful and tasty local cuisine... read more
A great way to tour around in Holland
Europe as a whole is a great place for cyclists, and with all that level ground, Holland is just perfect for pedalling around.  The best part is that not only can you keep fit, but as a tourist you will see so much more from a bicycle than you would through the windscreen of a rental car... read more
A Ski Holiday in La Rosière, France
Feeling like getting away and hitting the slopes?  La Rosière is a great ski resort and perfect for your needs. Located in the territory of the commune of Montvalezan, in the Savoie department, at 1850 metres above sea level, La Rosière faces South with fine views across the valley to nearby Les Arcs... read more
An Evening in London: An Ideal Night on the Tiles
Theres nothing better than being able to shut the door to the office for the weekend, to enjoy a well-earned break. Whether you have plans to spend it with your little ones or youre heading for the bright lights of London to enjoy whats on offer there, having the chance to let go every once in a while is much-needed.... read more
Affordable holidays at home in the UK
Trying to plan your summer holidays but feeling the pinch in the current economic crisis?  Fear not!  There are so many homegrown travel options available to you.  Instead of travelling abroad with all the stress and expense involved, take a look at what is available to you closer to home... read more
A river cruise in Europe is a great choice
With spring arriving and summer well on the way in Europe, what could be a better time than to plan your 2014 holidays.  And what better way to enjoy them than on a relaxing river cruise?  Sit back, glass in hand, and watch the passing parade of wonderful scenery from a comfortable seat on the deck.... read more
Dublin, a great destination on your Irish holiday
Dublin is both the capital and also the most populous city in Ireland.  The name of the city is apparently derived from the Irish word "Dubhlinn", which means "black pool".  While that might sound a tad ominous, there is nothing scary about this internationally-renowned city.... read more
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